All over! Jez admits he DID cheat with dancer as Steph breaks it off

And so apparently that is that. 

The love affair that broke up relationships, clogged our newsfeeds and caused turmoil in the Celebrity Big Brother  house is officially over, though we doubt this will be the last we hear of Jephanie. 

Jeremy McConnell spoke to Dáithí and Maura on the Today Show confirming the rumours that he 'cheated' on Stephanie while she was still in the house. 

"What happened, I was evicted a week and a half before the finale, she had a boyfriend in the house," said the Irish model. 

"When I got evicted, I went down to Newcastle, I ended up with a girl that night. But this was before she got out of the house.

“I was with someone that night. I didn’t deny it."

And it seems that Steph has called it quits. 

"I don’t know," came the reply when asked if the pair were still together. 

"Stephanie is in Majorca at the moment. The way she put it to me, she has split up with me."

The confession comes the same day as Steph tweeted her chat with the alleged girl in question, 19-year-old dancer Caroline Pope, which was since deleted. 

Jez also went on the share a pic of a ream of furious texts from the former Hollyoaks actress before also removing them. 

And that, as they say, is that (for now).