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We got the impression that Scotty T was not the biggest fan of Jephanie while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but he really exposed the couple in a recent interview. 

The Georgie Shore lothario revealed that he knew that Jeremy McConnell cheated on Stephanie Davis as soon as he left the CBB house. 

"To be honest, I think it’s quite funny," said Scotty to the Sun. 

"I see them doing this whole love thing, but then I hear he’s off sh*gging girls. I mean he sh*gged one of my mates, she’s called Caroline Pope.”

"He shagged her as soon as he got out of Big Brother. He met her in Newcastle. I think it’s pretty hilarious how they’re going on about this relationship and then all they’re doing is arguing. I just laugh."

The Irish model has already denied rumours that he had cheated on Stephanie with the 19-year-old model the night before the final, a stance that he has reiterated in a tweet today. 

The winner of this year's CBB also has little hope for the relationship lasting very long but wishes them well. 

"Good luck to them like, but I did say from the start I wouldn’t really like to get in a relationship with a girl who cheated on her boyfriend to get with him anyway.

“If she’s done it once she can do it again.

“It’s not what I call a healthy romance. But if they’re happy, they’re happy.”

Steph and Jez put up a total display of love in an appearance on Loose Women last week. 


We reckon many will agree that this series of Celebrity Big Brother was probably one of the best ever. 

From constant eruptions, tumultuous tasks, diva behaviour and that friggan' Shetland pony, this year is certainly one to remember. 

These are some of SHEmazing!'s BEST BITS of this series: 

6) Megan going batsh*t crazy

She just can't handle her booze 


5) Red knickers-gate 



4) The Jeremy-Stephanie romance 

The sheer drama of it all 


3) Gemma Collins' being a total diva 

Say what you will about GC, she gave laughs a minute 


2) Tiffany, Tiffany and everything Tiffany did 

She is our ultimate queen 


1) The day that David Gest *died* 

The best seven minutes of television that ever aired. 



It would appear that former soap actress Stephanie Davis has made up her mind about the drama-laden love triangle currently turning the Celebrity Big Brother house on it's head. 

Despite having a boyfriend on the outside, Steph has become super close to Irish model Jeremy McConnell and today she admitted that she needed to be free from her outside bae, Sam Reece. 

"Obviously Sam's not right for me and I need to sort it when I get out," she says to Jeremy on tonight's episode. 

The 22-year-old actress was forced to spend some time away from the model as part of Gillian McKeith's detoxing task and she made some juicy revelations. 

"We are septic to each other as we both want to be with each other. I can't stay away!" she said of Jeremy. 

"It's made me realise what I'm worth and that I need to be single."

And it seems that Jeremy is all for it as later in the episode he reveals his plans for the couple once they get out. 

"If things work out after we get out of here, I'll book us a holiday somewhere nice, I want to.

"I think I need to show you what my idea of treating a lady is like."

It seems that the housemates also decided that Steph would be better off with Jezza.

"[Sam] wants to be famous, you’re the famous one. F*ck it off," said Gemma. 

But will Sam be waiting for Jeremy and Stephanie when they leave the house? We simply HAVE to know. 


Megan McKenna has been very up front about her feeling towards Scotty T and Tiffany Pollard's flirtatious escapades in the Celebrity Big Brother house mere days after her eviction. 

Tiffany made no secret of the fact that she wanted a piece of Scotty T now that Megan was gone and it seems that her advances did not go unnoticed by the Geordie heartbreaker as the pair shared numerous drunken kisses on the show last night. 

And speaking to Rylan Clark on Big Brother's Bit on the Side, Megan has been very unimpressed with all that has gone down in her absence. 

"As soon as I leave, this happens.

"Tiffany's just horny. She comes across as desperate… I knew he would be like this. We've got a good summer planned."

Yep, it seems that Megan had high hopes for her relationship with Scotty T after their romance in the Big Brother house, but we're not sure what will happen after Scotty's most recent antics.

Tiffany was seen walking in on Scotty T in the shower on last night's steamy episode of the reality show. 

"It's so big!" the fiery reality star exclaimed after sneaking a peak of Scotty's package. 

"She definitely touched it…" said Megan after being shown the clip. 

"I'm not going to lie, I was definitely disappointed. I've only been gone a day, my bed is still warm… "

Better off without him, Megs!



While we all may be quite shocked by Stephanie Davis' carry on with Irish model Jeremy McConnell in the CBB house, it seems that Steph's boyfriend on the outside may also be no angel. 

Speaking to the Mirror, a barmaid has come forth and claimed that Sam Reece spent a pretty steamy night with her while on vacation in Magaluf last summer when he was supposed to be in a relationship with Steph. 

"Obviously in recent articles, it's being portrayed as if [Sam's] the victim," said Georgia Thomson to the paper. 

"But obviously I know that he's done this. He's not as innocent as everyone thinks."

According to Georgia, she met the First Dates star in a popular night club on the Marrocan island called The Project. 

After meeting in the VIP section, Sam came back to their home with two friends. When leaving the next morning, Georgia alleged that the tattoo'd model told her not to post the photos anywhere. 

"When he was getting dressed to leave, he said 'I'll see you around', and said 'please don't tweet about it because obviously you know I've got a girlfriend'."

She even shared grainy pictures of her and Sam out in Magaluf and a picture of him coming down the stairs of her home the next day. 

A representative of the model has said that Sam is denying the claims and the Sheffield hunk even posted a tweet calling the allegations "laughable." 

Hmm, we don't know what to believe but one thing is for sure, there sure is going to be fireworks when Steph leaves that house. 


I think we can all agree that this year's Celebrity Big Brother has most definitely not disappointed in the drama and entertainment stakes. 

From Jezza and Stephanie getting it on to David Gest's mistaken death, this year has certainly been top notch. 

And while we have already had one pregnancy announcement in the house from Kristina Rihannoff, it seems that Gemma Collins may well be getting in on that action. 

While we can never quite tell when Gemma is being sincere or not, she tells fellow house mate Tiffany Pollard that she is convinced she is pregnant and appears to break down. 

"I'm 100% pregnant. I know it, I know it, I know it," she says in a clip shown on Big Brother's Bit on the Side. 

"I'm excited but I'm nervous as well. I need a test." 

Gemma then proceeds to get emotional as she seeks comfort from her closest pal in the house, Tiff. 

If the 34-year-old reality star is to be believed, we can assume that the father of the child is her outside boyfriend, Stephan Mortimer. 

However, unbeknownst to Gem, her beau may not be there to greet her when she leaves the house as news broke that he has been told to return to prison for 28 days.

According to the Sun, Stephen had already spent two years in jail already on charges of "grievous bodily harm."

Let's hope this is just 'reality star' Gemma looking to create entertainment, and not a real pregnancy announcement because we can't keep up with all the drama. 

Watch a video of the confession below: 


Let's face it, we have all been sceptical of the reports claiming that Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece would be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house in lieu of her budding romance with Jeremy McConnell. 

But the only definitive Big Brother voice we will listen to (apart from good ol' BB himself), is the ray of sunshine that is the show's host Emma Willis. 

Yeah, we love her. 

In an interview with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 this morning, Emma gives her two cents on the whole scenario. 

"I can’t confirm that that is true. I believe that is very untrue," said the pregnant host when asked about Sam entering the house. 

"As much as it’s kind of compulsory TV for people that are Big Brother fans and love that kind of thing… it would also be slightly inappropriate.

"Even we have boundaries, believe it or not.

"I’ve never met him, I don’t know anything about it. I don’t think it’d reflect well on him.

"If they genuinely love each other, they live together, I can’t imagine he’d want to air his dirty laundry in public."

Well said Emma!


It has just been confirmed by Channel 5 that Angie Bowie has walked from the Celebrity Big Brother house today. 

While the reason for Angie's departure is yet to be confirmed, the 66-year-old had been threatening to leave the house over the past few days. 

Angie learned about the passing of her former husband, David Bowie, while in the house and chose to remain in the competition. 

Angie was seen becoming increasingly stressed as a lack of sleep in the rowdy house was deeply affecting her mood. 

Angie is the third contestant to leave the house after Jonathan Cheban left week one and David Gest left two days ago. 

According to a statement released by Channel 5, Angie's exit will be addressed in tonight's show. 



Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece has been left devastated by his girlfriend's antics in the Celebrity Big Brother house this week, according to a close friend. 

The Mail Online reports that the First Dates star and model cannot quite believe his eyes after Steph and Jeremy continue to get closer in the house. 

"Sam's very upset. He's heartbroken and devastated. He can't quite believe what he's been watching on Celebrity Big Brother," said the friend. 

"He didn't expect in a million years to see what's been happening with Stephanie.

"When he said goodbye to her going into the house, he thought this was just going to be a wonderful experience for her, but he's just really shocked now."

The news comes just days after Jeremy and Steph shared their first kiss together and revealed their feelings for one another in an episode earlier this week. 

Just two nights ago, Steph was forced to sleep in a spare bedroom as an altercation ensued when fellow housemates were left outraged by her shocking behaviour with Jeremy. 

Less than a week into the reality competition, Sam withdrew support for his girlfriend on social media but insisted they were still together. 

"The amount of social media interaction Sam has been seeing has meant he has decided to step away from Twitter for the time being. He knows their relationship is strong and that there is nothing to worry about," a source revealed last week. 

"Stephanie is naturally a very tactile person and is very loving, warm and affectionate. Sam knows this is in her nature and it is why he is not worried about the rumours circulating."

Hmm, we wonder if he is still feeling this way after Stephanie's antics this week. 

Meanwhile, numerous reports have revealed that Sam is in talks to enter the house but this is yet to be confirmed by Channel 5. 


We have all been glued to our screens for this years Celebrity Big Brother which has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. 

As Stephanie and Irish model Jeremy continue to get very close in the house, the actresses boyfriend Sam Reece has been less than impressed. 

The model and reality star withdrew support for his girlfriend publicly on social media and now it seems that he is in talks to get involved in the Channel 5 show. 

A source has told the Mirror that the model may have the opportunity to get into the house though it may not be as a housemate. 

"It's not our place to say," confirmed the friend. 

We don't know whether Sam would enter as a housemate or as part of a task, but let's just say we can't wait to see this love triangle play out on our screens. 

Jeremy and the British actress have been getting increasingly close as they appeared to get on like a house on fire from day one. 

In a task this week, the tattoo'd model confirmed to the entire house that he considered the pair's relationship to be something more than mere friendship. 

As Jeremy vowed to stay away from the actress, the pair were filmed getting very cosy in the wee hours of the morning and the model even claimed that the pair have shared a kiss. 

We can't imagine this ending well. 


If you happened to be tuned in to Celebrity Big Brother last night, you would have been treated to ten minutes of reality star Megan McKenna losing it over…. well, we haven't quite figured out what she got so worked up about. 

The 23-year-old, who became notorious for her outbursts of rage on MTV's Ex on the Beach, seems to become a different person when she has a few drinks on her. 

Megan started by calling out fellow housemate, John Partridge as "fake" before turning to attack Tiffany Pollard who had been laughing at the outburst. 

It was revealed following the show in an exclusive clip shown on Big Brother's Bit on the Side with Rylan Clark, that Megan received a formal warning from Big Brother. 

"Megan, Big Brother has given you a formal warning," she was told in the diary after her outburst. 

"If you repeat this behaviour and language again, Big Brother may have no option but to remove you from the house."

Viewers were outraged by Megan's behaviour and in particular, by her comments made about Tiffany Pollard.

Megan called the reality star a "ghetto c**t" which viewers felt was unforgivingly racist. 

And it seems that Megan's ex-boyfriend Jordan is not surprised by the antics as he took to Twitter to suggest that he had to deal with these outbursts a lot. 

Yeah, Jordan, we literally don't know how you did it.  


Earlier this week, Stephanie Davis' boyfriend, model Sam Reece, tweeted that he would no longer be supporting his girlfriend while she is in the house and many assumed that that was that for the pair. 

However, Sam later confirmed that he was not breaking up with Steph but would be having a few choice words with her when she gets out of the house. 

Well it seems our favourite Geordie lass, Charlotte Crosby, who won the competition herself in 2013, is less than impressed with Sam's antics in the media whilst his girlfriend has been doing the show. 

"That’s a bit fame hungry," she told the Mirror. 

"He jumped after the attention, gained a lot of followers from it then all of a sudden he’s still with her."

It seems that Sam too has been trying to get into the reality show game as he appeared on the last season of Channel 4's First Dates, though the date did not go very well. 

Charlotte has defended Stephanie describing the CBB house as a tough place to be especially if you are away from your other half. 

"I think it’s a very hard environment to be in when you’re in a relationship and I think it would be hard for anyone to be in so I don’t exactly think it’s wrong but I don’t exactly think it’s right.

"She hasn’t cheated, do you know what I mean? Did she kiss with tongues? Until there’s tongues or sex then that’s bad."

Well hello there!
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