Chasing the limelight? Jeremy’s ex girlfriend tells Steph to ‘watch out’

Like Phillip, we're on the fence about Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis.

Within two days they were broken up and back together about three or four times, and now there's more drama following them.

Jeremy's ex, Tara Omidi has warned Steph to "watch her back."

Tara met Jeremy while they were filming the reality show Beauty School Cop Out and she claims that Jez came on to her in the same way he came on to Steph.

The 22-year-old told The Sun: "When I was on Beauty School Cop Out with Jeremy, he used the exact same lines on me as he did on Stephanie.

"He's a very charming guy but this is obviously just a showmance, Stephanie needs to watch her back.

"When I was on BSCO with Jeremy, there was a love triangle with me and him exactly like the one he was in with Stephanie and her boyfriend Sam.

"Jeremy used to sleep with this other girl and then afterwards he’d tell her it was only a physical thing and he was really in love with me."

Will there ever be an end to the drama in their relationship?