‘Sick of them’: Phillip Schofield and Ferne McCann LAY into ‘Jephanie’

We're all a bit confused and generally cannot keep up with the ins and outs of the relationship between Celebrity Big Brother housemates Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell. 

From their supposed break up, make up and general flaunting of their affections on social media, one does not know what is happening from one minute to the next. 

As Jeremy releases a statement this evening reporting that the couple are officially on, it seems that we are not the only ones who have come to the end of their tether. 

While speaking about the couple. I'm a Celeb contestant and reality star Ferne McCann spoke about the frustrations of trying to keep up with the couple and host Phillip Schofield got pretty angry about it. 

"Urgh, God, you know what, I’m sick to death of these two…who cares?" 

Watch the clip below: