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While they didn't make an official announcement, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools made a rather unexpected revelation while on the red carpet for upcoming film Eddie the Eagle. 

Jools wore a black dress that skimmed a sizable baby bump confirming the news that the pair are in fact expecting their fifth child. 

Fans were both excited and a bit surprised by the news, but it seems that Jamie and his wife of 16 years were equally blind-sided by their latest family development.

"This was not expected, I can't even believe I'm saying it," said Jamie about the news to the Mirror. 

"I think my own family were like 'really?!' But we're all tuned in to kids, it's good, it's carnage!"

And it seems that the 40-year-old loves having a big family, though he did not expect it. 

"I love kids, my family keep me honest. I have a weird job, a weird life, but my family keeps my quite real,"

"I thought we'd have a couple of kids, but that's about it.

"Basically I do what I'm told, but she's an amazing family maker, and I just go with it!"

The pair currently have four children; Poppy (13), Daisy (12), Petal (6) and Buddy (5). 


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver had his London home targeted by thieves.

Although Jamie and his family (his wife Jules and their four children) are not thought to have been in the house at the time, the Mirror report that thieves broke into the home through the basement.

The property in North London, valued at almost €10 million, was broken into and supposedly ‘ransacked’ by burglars. Neighbours noticed a door had been left open in the house and informed Jamie, 40, that something was amiss.

Police are now said to be examining CCTV footage in attempts to track down those responsible.

Locals have said that coming into winter, burglaries such as this become more common:

“The police regularly advise us to review our security arrangements at this time of year as burglars are known to scout the area looking for empty homes.


Jamie's home has got CCTV, but it seems it didn't help in this instance as the burglars got in through the garage.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed the news and added that officers are working to track down the criminals.

“Officers attended and went inside the property and found that the premises had been burgled. Items were removed from the address.”


Jamie and his family are said to be in the process of moving to a new home in Hampstead. The Grade II-listed house recently purchased by the TV chef dates back to the 17 century, according to Mail Online.

Builders are supposedly carrying out improvement to the eight bedroom property before the family relocate.

A rep for Jamie said “nobody was hurt” during the incident and also added that “two electrical items were taken” from the home.


Jamie Oliver is looking better than ever these days!

For the past ten years Jamie has campaigned tirelessly to reform children's school dinners all around the UK and even in America – but in the background he admits that he let himself go.

According to an interview with the Sunday Times magazine, Jamie admits he had "a bit of a freak out" 15 months ago when he realised he wasn't as young as he used to be. 

"When you come to 40, you think you’ve got a while, but it’s ticking," he said.

So after all the hard work is over Jamie took three months to concentrate on getting himself back in shape. 

And he did well!

"You start to realise that you’re half dead, so let’s get on with it. I want to get as old as possible, and to do that you’ve got to live a certain way. That’s the rules of the game."

The middle-aged TV chef studied nutrition and consulted sleep experts to lose the two stone.

In another interview with Radio Times he told them, "Sleep has become profoundly important to me".

"I was never getting enough of it and I didn’t understand the value of it. And I treat it like work. Just like I do with little Buddy [his four-year-old son] when I tell him to get to bed, I get to bed! I have little vibrating things that shake me when it’s 10pm"

He added: "I thought seaweed was hippy, globetrotting stuff but our ancestors ate seaweed. It’s got a load of iodine and it’s the most nutritious vegetable in the world. I’m saying lose it in a minestrone because that stuff is really, really good for you. It’s like dynamite – fibre, nutrients, all the minerals, aids digestion – unbelievable."

We think Jamie looks great and if it's all down to sleep and seaweed, we think we just might give it a go too!


Parents to three young children, they've been together for six years – not to mention engaged since 2012.

And today – finally! – 33-year-old model Jacqui Ainsley married film director Guy Ritchie, 46, in a lavish ceremony attended by the crème de la crème of showbiz. 

Social media snaps show that the bride looked stunning in an A-line lace dress and floral headband.


Beautiful Bride Strikes a Pose… #jaxguyjuly @jacquiainsley @guyritchie #GoodFriends #Inspired

A photo posted by Luca Calvani (@lucalvani) on

There to witness their Big Day are the likes of Brad Pitt and ­Angelina Jolie as well as George and Amal Clooney, who themselves married less than a year ago.

Sting and wife Trudie Styler arrived this afternoon, as did Jemima Khan, Gwyneth Paltrow and David Beckham – all three of whom appear to be attendance without a plus-one. 

Producer Matthew Vaughn, who worked with Guy on Snatch and Lock, Stock, and his wife Claudia Schiffer also witnessed the happy couple tie the knot earlier today.

Celebrations are currently kicking off, with chef Jamie Oliver doing the food with the reception – which is being held at Ashcombe House, the couple's sprawling country estate in Wiltshire in south west England.

The wedding seems to have a music festival feel to it, with teepees and tents set up around the grounds. 

A source told The Mirror earlier this week: “The guest list is jaw-dropping. It’s like the Oscars. If even half of them come, it will be the party of the year.

“There are marquees being set up in the gardens and food by Jamie’s chefs. It’s going to be amazing.

“Guy is well connected and liked, so it’s no surprise there are so many people invited to his wedding.”

Guy's eight-year marriage to Madonna famously ended in 2008. He and Jacqui have three children – Rafael, three, Rivka, two, and Levi, one, while Guy also has two sons, Rocco and David, from his first marriage.


Between Catherine Fulvio, Donal Skehan, Jamie Oliver, and Lorraine Pascale – being a serious whizz in the kitchen is seriously in vogue.

Whipping up a hot and smoky vindaloo with pork belly (Jamie), butternut squash, leek and spinach bakes (Catherine), gingerbread pancakes with Parma ham and maple syrup (Lorraine), or Irish Atlantic sea salt caramels (Donal) should be, well, easy enough – but somehow we end up tucking into (another) bowl of pasta.

Our excuse? Well, for one thing we just don’t have the fancy-pants tools to create such fancy-pants meals from scratch.

But if your kitchen utensils consist of one (cracked) wooden spoon, one cheese grater, one plastic ladle, and one potato masher – who may want to consider an upgrade of sorts.

Silicone kitchen utensils, €2.49 each


At least next week – hurrah! – a range of brilliantly-priced products to cater for all your domestic aspirations arrives at Aldi.

Whistling kettle, €16.99 each


What caught our eye? The silicone kitchen utensils are just €2.49 a pop. Also the stainless steel blender (a steal at €24.99) which is dishwasher safe.

Then there’s the electric multi-cooker (€49.99), the teppanyaki grill (€29.99), reversible griddle pan (€17.99) and a stir-fry wok (€8.99). 

Vegetable storage canisters, €12.99 each


Don’t forget about a set of ceramic knives (€19.99) and non-slip chopping boards (€5.99).

Electric multi cooker, €49.99


All go on sale from Thursday week, July 9 – giving you plenty of time to get your flair for culinary creations in order.

Reversible griddle pan, €17.99




So Taylor Swift HATES Jamie Oliver – but it’s all for a good cause!

The singer and the British TV chef appeared in a skit for Stand Up to Cancer which sees Taylor getting very, very wound up by the chef!

Showing that Taylor takes her baking VERY seriously indeed, she is less than impressed by Jamie’s version of Shake It Off, and when he starts to steal her ingredients all hell breaks loose. 

We must say, Taylor is quite the actress if this skit is anything to go by!

As for Jamie's singing skills…well let's hope he doesn't quit the day job. 


Baking doesn’t have to be hard work thanks to Sharon Hearne-Smith’s delicious new book; No-Bake Baking: Easy, Oven-Free Cakes and Treats.

This book is jammed packed with over 100 recipes and is perfect for those baking novices out there.

No oven is required for these simple treats, as all of these delicious desserts can be created in either a fridge, freezer, microwave or even a blender.

Each recipe has an easy step-by-step guide which shows you how to make the most delicious desserts using the simplest of ingredients. Our personal favourite dessert is the Upside-Down & Inside-Out Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bombe!

Recipes are also accompanied by stunning pictures of the completed desserts which happen to be taken by food writer, TV chef and Junior Masterchef presenter, Donal Skehan.

Sharon is a Food Stylist and Home Economist who has worked with the food in the media for over 15 years in Ireland. She has worked with some big names in both the food and entertainment industry, from Jamie Oliver and Rachel Allen to Gordon Ramsay.

This is the must have baking book for those who are not a fan of baking!




It has been a few years now since Jamie Oliver was The Naked Chef, but it seems he is missing those heartthrob days!

The celebrity chef uploaded this hilarious image to his Instagram account of his wife’s screen saver.

It would appear that Jools Oliver has very similar taste to her daughters and Jamie admits that every woman in his house now has Harry Styles as their screensaver.

The only exception to the rule is little Petal, but that’s only because she doesn’t have a computer!

Jamie complained: “MY WIFE’S SCREEN SAVER!! I mean Harry That means you have 3 out of 4 screen savers in the whole Oliver girls family and its only not a full house because petal doesn’t have a computer … mmmmm I need to find a way to get me back on her screen saver. What can I do?? have a good night guys jamie #GirlsAreGrowingUpFast #WifesGoneFeral … #IsItBecauseMyScreenSaverIsABasketOfVeg.”

Poor Jamie!




Jamie Oliver is opening a Jamie’s Italian in Hong Kong and wanted to announce the news in Cantonese.

However, this proved a bit more difficult than he originally anticipated it would be.

Coming out with hilarious sentences about “an Italian restaurant submarine” and “something slippery”, Jamie’s Cantonese proves pretty lousy.

Poor Jamie, nice try!


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