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Catherine Fulvio

One quick blitz of Instagram will tell you that when it comes to food, the dinners of our youth just don’t cut it anymore.

While we more than happy to hoof into a meat and two veg dish courtesy of our hardworking mothers back in the day, we tend to get a little more creative in our own kitchens.

And then we share it on social media, natch.

But if you want to do more than just hashtag your culinary creations, why not bring your meals to a wider audience by applying to star in RTÉ’s Tastes Like Home show?

As the deadline for final entries looms, Catherine Fulvio, together with sponsor Londis, has issued a final call for applicants who wish to star on the second season of the show later this year.

Whether you’re only starting out or have years of cooking experience under your belt, the only thing needed to apply is a passion for homemade cooking!

Applications close on Sunday March 19, so if you want in on the action, simply submit an application form along with three family favourite recipes for consideration.

See ya on the box, ladies!



Between Catherine Fulvio, Donal Skehan, Jamie Oliver, and Lorraine Pascale – being a serious whizz in the kitchen is seriously in vogue.

Whipping up a hot and smoky vindaloo with pork belly (Jamie), butternut squash, leek and spinach bakes (Catherine), gingerbread pancakes with Parma ham and maple syrup (Lorraine), or Irish Atlantic sea salt caramels (Donal) should be, well, easy enough – but somehow we end up tucking into (another) bowl of pasta.

Our excuse? Well, for one thing we just don’t have the fancy-pants tools to create such fancy-pants meals from scratch.

But if your kitchen utensils consist of one (cracked) wooden spoon, one cheese grater, one plastic ladle, and one potato masher – who may want to consider an upgrade of sorts.

Silicone kitchen utensils, €2.49 each


At least next week – hurrah! – a range of brilliantly-priced products to cater for all your domestic aspirations arrives at Aldi.

Whistling kettle, €16.99 each


What caught our eye? The silicone kitchen utensils are just €2.49 a pop. Also the stainless steel blender (a steal at €24.99) which is dishwasher safe.

Then there’s the electric multi-cooker (€49.99), the teppanyaki grill (€29.99), reversible griddle pan (€17.99) and a stir-fry wok (€8.99). 

Vegetable storage canisters, €12.99 each


Don’t forget about a set of ceramic knives (€19.99) and non-slip chopping boards (€5.99).

Electric multi cooker, €49.99


All go on sale from Thursday week, July 9 – giving you plenty of time to get your flair for culinary creations in order.

Reversible griddle pan, €17.99