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A 2010 clip of Gordon Ramsay and Sofia Vergara on the Jay Leno show has gone viral this week, purely because of how damn UNCOMFORTABLE it makes everyone feel.

Twitter users were quick to brand the infamous TV chef's behaviour as beyond inappropriate, especially in the #MeToo era where women are taking a stand against treatment such as this.

The interview shows Ramsay, then 52, appearing alongside the Colombian actress in an interview, where he clearly makes her feel incredibly objectified and upset with his sexist remarks and groping.

His comments during the clip aimed at the actress have not been received well, at one stage Vergara is talking to Leno and remarks; “I never scream like that in real life.”

She was presumably referring to the renowned shouts of her Modern Family character, but Ramsay is quick to respond with;“Only in the bedroom.”

Let's remember, this is part of Vergara's JOB. In an employment environment, he repeatedly interrupts her and makes her feel sexualised when she is trying to do her actual job.

He even moves chairs to essentially sit on Vergara without her permission, and he touches her upper thigh and tries to smack her. She tells him; "No, no. No touching!"

She begins speaking in Spanish at the audience, telling them "This man doesn't respect me." Understandably, she is uncomfortable and angry, and Leno did absolutely nothing to intervene.

He asks the actress and model; “Have you had a whole wedge in your mouth at any one time?” She cannot even reply as she is too stunned.

"Sofia Vergara didn’t deserve to be treated like this," one Twitter user wrote, retweeting the footage. "This is very very uncomfortable." Of course, people are MAD as hell, deservedly so.

sofia vergara babes GIF by MACHETE KILLS

Jay Leno is equally chauvinistic, asking her how much WEIGHT she gained while away on a trip, which she refuses to answer.

She is sexualised throughout the entire interview, while at work essentially, and is subjected to sexist and racist harassment.

Gordon Ramsay even tells her to change her son Manolo's name,to which she replies stone-faced "Can I what?"

The whole thing is a damn joke. Gordon, you're cancelled. Jay Leno, you're cancelled. Everyone go and smash the patriarchy and lift up Sofia.


Fans of Irish TV chef Donal Skehan will know his Howth home, which he shares with wife Sofie, very well.

It has featured in his RTÉ cookery shows – Kitchen Hero and Cook, Eat, Burn – as well as providing the backdrop for many of his recipe photos. All in all, it's been Donal and Sofie's home for six years, but now the couple are leaving it, and Ireland, behind.

A move to Los Angeles to further his career as a celebrity chef has long been on the cards for Donal, and with a new Food Network series underway, it seems now is the right time to relocate.

"We’ve done some amazing things in Ireland and now it’s time to do what we do to a wider audience. We’ve a few friends and my uncle lives out there so it won’t be too lonely," he told The Herald last month.

Taking to Instagram this morning, Donal penned an emotional goodbye to his Howth cottage, reliving some of the couple's memories there.

"We said our goodbyes yesterday to the house which was our first home, the place all my shows were shot, the place we worked from, where our neighbours were never short of a big hello," Donal wrote next to a picture of himself and a smiling Sofie at their front door.

"[The house was] where Max came home to for the first time, where we first came home to as a married couple, where we grew veggies out the back all summer long, where the best cliff walks started and finished and where we cooked some of the best dinners and enjoyed the best nights in with friends and family, celebrating birthdays, engagements, babies, anniversaries and more.

"A huge thank you to everyone who crossed the threshold and enjoyed the place as much as we did, for now though it's goodbye to our little Howth home…"

Wishing Donal and Sofie the best of luck with their big move.


Jamie Oliver is looking better than ever these days!

For the past ten years Jamie has campaigned tirelessly to reform children's school dinners all around the UK and even in America – but in the background he admits that he let himself go.

According to an interview with the Sunday Times magazine, Jamie admits he had "a bit of a freak out" 15 months ago when he realised he wasn't as young as he used to be. 

"When you come to 40, you think you’ve got a while, but it’s ticking," he said.

So after all the hard work is over Jamie took three months to concentrate on getting himself back in shape. 

And he did well!

"You start to realise that you’re half dead, so let’s get on with it. I want to get as old as possible, and to do that you’ve got to live a certain way. That’s the rules of the game."

The middle-aged TV chef studied nutrition and consulted sleep experts to lose the two stone.

In another interview with Radio Times he told them, "Sleep has become profoundly important to me".

"I was never getting enough of it and I didn’t understand the value of it. And I treat it like work. Just like I do with little Buddy [his four-year-old son] when I tell him to get to bed, I get to bed! I have little vibrating things that shake me when it’s 10pm"

He added: "I thought seaweed was hippy, globetrotting stuff but our ancestors ate seaweed. It’s got a load of iodine and it’s the most nutritious vegetable in the world. I’m saying lose it in a minestrone because that stuff is really, really good for you. It’s like dynamite – fibre, nutrients, all the minerals, aids digestion – unbelievable."

We think Jamie looks great and if it's all down to sleep and seaweed, we think we just might give it a go too!



Nigella Lawson is the cover star of next month’s British Vogue and decided to wear hardly any make-up.

In what could be interpreted as an attempt to stop hiding behind her perfect ‘domestic goddess’ persona, the TV chef is photographed with just a little blush and a dab of mascara.

Vogue insiders have said the cover photo has only undergone a little photoshopping: “Miss Lawson received a little retouching as we do with all cover images. Oddly given that she is a woman in her fifties, less than some people decades younger.”


Given the troubles Nigella has experienced in the last year after rumours of domestic abuse and a court case that revealed she’d taken drugs, we have a lot of admiration for her honest photo shoot.

We find it difficult to leave the house without make-up, don’t mind appear without it on Vogue!