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We've always wanted to get on the property ladder – but owning a private Island just sounds so much better.

And if you have a cool €2 million lying around, this Mermaid Isle in Ireland could be your new home.

Now if that doesn't sound very realistic, don't worry.

You could always grab your mates, band your money together as there is PLENTY of room on this Isle.

Located in this Kenmare Bay, the main residences on the 25 acres boasts a kitchen / dining area pitch-pine kitchen island, library, fitness room, laundry, studio, offices, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

But that's not all, you'll also have a one-bedroom cottage. 

The residence also includes a kitchen custom counters, conservatory sun room with dining and sitting areas, bathroom electric shower, washer and dryer – not too shabby at all.

Of course, every good isle comes with a place to moor our large yacht that we have laying around the place.

But it just keeps getting better, the mermaid paradise comes with seal rookery and crystal clear protected ocean water for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving – you know, just in case the parents come to visit.

It has a garden / waterfront sitting areas, a mature garden, extensive tide pools and ancient ruins on both mainland and island, two boat launching areas and moorings and three acres of turbary rights. 

Now I've just looked at my bank account and have 49c to my name, so it's probably time to start looking for a sugar daddy.

This place is just too good to pass up. 



Earlier today, in Shemazing! HQ, we were chatting about the €88m Euromillions winner, which spurred on a conversation about what we would do with the money.

We got totally carried away and decided we'd all buy an island, which led us to this website… and OMFG, we die.

All around Ireland and across the world, there are beautiful, scenic, colourful and tranquil islands that you could buy for less moolah than a house.

Have a look through this list we drew up – they're like little pieces of paradise:

5. Venice Island – Italy

Venice Island - Italy, Europe

This island is situated on the lagoon of Venice. There are four buildings on the land as well as one villa, so we can only imagine bringing all of our friends and family over for a visit (i.e. a three-day island party). 

Most of the buildings need a bit of a revamp, but sure, if you live on an island, you might as well spend your time sprucing the place up. 

4. Plitvice Island – Croatia

Plitvice Island - Croatia, Europe

If you like to get up close and personal with wildlife, then this is the island to buy. It's an abundant, well-preserved natural environment, inhabited by brown bears, wolves, eagles and wild cats. 

It's the only island in Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is famous for its colourful waters, which range from vivid royal blues to dark forest greens. 

3. Bushy Island – Ireland

Bushy Island - Ireland, Europe

Coming over to Ireland, Bushy Island (lol at the name), is on the lower end of the price scale. Going for just over €200,000, it has no buildings, but obviously there's room to improve.

Located in Lough Derg, Mountshannon in Co. Clare, it has pretty impressive views and has an abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife. Not too shabby.

2. Mouchão de Alhandra Island – Portugal

Mouchão de Alhandra Island - Portugal, Europe

This is the dearest island of the lot, coming in at €25m (ouch), but just LOOK at it. The Portuguese island has a manor house, an employee house, agricultural support installations and cattle facilities. 

There's also an airplane facility, so you know, if you want to casually fly over to your own island, the option is there.

1. Mermaid Isle – Ireland

Mermaid Isle - Ireland, Europe

Our number one spot has to go to Mermaid Island, just off Kenmare Bay. At €3m, you not only get the island but a HUGE house, a cottage, two pools and a crystal-clear protected ocean that you can swim and go scuba-diving in.

This would be the first thing we'd buy if we won any large some of money. 

One day…