The forecast just destroyed our last chance at summer weather


Oh summer, we hardly knew you and now you’re going and leaving us again. This weekend will be the last bank holiday of summer 2015 and we were very excited about it.

However, Met Eireann have essentially destroyed any tiny glimmers of hope we may have had for one final impromptu at home beer garden. We’re very sorry to tell you this, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

Honestly, we’re trying to look on the bright side but it’s difficult with all that mist getting in our eyes.

You might want to have a look at this break down before you get out the camping gear.


Finally! Can you not just taste the freedom? You might consider indoor activities before you go all out and get the wash, colour, cut and blow-dry treatment on your lunch break:

“Staying cloudy in the east with patchy rain and drizzle, most of which will occur later in the day.”

Moving swiftly on then.


“Showers for Ulster and west Connacht, some of which may turn heavy. A couple of showers may make their way across the midlands and into the Greater Dublin Region later in the afternoon.”

Sounds pretty decent, just make sure to keep your umbrella in easy reach.


Oh but wait Just as we got our hopes up, along comes the Sunday forecast to annihilate the summer vibes.

“A dull, wet day with widespread rain, persistent and heavy at times. Rather windy too, especially later. Highest temperatures of just 13 to 16 degrees, coolest over Ulster. Southeast winds will gradually increase fresh to strong and gusty.”

Ah yes, because “rather windy” and “strong and gusty” are exactly the conditions we want when we’re on the beach. Look, you can try and make it as scenic or romantic and whimsical as you want, but rain on the west coast is not exactly rom-com wonderful.

It’s a bit less this:

And more like this:


Just to really run it in for us on our day off. 

“Damp to begin with patchy outbreaks of rain… Showers will move into the south of Munster at times though, with rain arriving into west and southwest counties towards evening.”

Oh come on!