Six stunning DIY bedroom decor ideas!


Our bedroom is where we come to relax and unwind, and it should be a welcoming and warm environment. After all, it’s where you spend almost a third of your life!

Making your bedroom bright and beautiful is easier than you think. Even if you’re stuck in the tiny box room, make use of the space and light to have to create an area you’ll look forward to waking up in every morning!

Here are a few tips…

1. Be wise with your lighting
In the colder months, soft bulbs and fairy lights can go a long way to making your room appear cozy and warm. We love this cluttered but cute look:

2. Make it personal
Some strategically placed photos and artwork can really make a space your own. If you don’t have shelving to put photo frames on, try hanging the pictures from wire or string rather than just sticking them up with Blu-Tac. Instant sophistication!

3. Choose the right colour palette
If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, don't overdo it on from darker colours that will just make the room appear smaller. We love this mixed palette of white and yellow with touches of sober grey. Gorgeous!

4. Customize!
That boring wardrobe, headboard or chest of drawers is a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch! Geometric designs are deceptively simple to create – simply mark off the areas with masking tape and get painting:

We love these wallpaper-lined drawers, too – so easy:

5. Be wise with your storage
By keeping as much floor space as possible free, your room will appear far bigger. Simple bookshelves and storage units – like these from Ikea – are handy for everything from books to clothes to cosmetics. We love the baskets too!

6. Ditch the wardrobe
If you can’t spare the space for shelving, a stand-alone hanging rack is a perfect alternative – or get really smart with this rack that sits above the floor.