Decorating with beautiful florals


Florals will never go out of fashion and it’s not surprising – there is something so feminine about pretty flowers as they brighten up any dull space.

It’s quite easy to go overboard, so stick to these tips for a subtle hint of the trend.

Floral patterned cushions are a great way to incorporate the trend. Throw a few on your bed or even on your couch – if your roommates let you…

Bring some florals into your room by investing in a gorgeous flower duvet cover or even a light blanket.

Lamp shades
Purchase a few cheap shapes and pop them on a couple of the lamps in your home. Subtly at its finest!

If you are really brave, floral curtains would be a good way to bring flowers into your home. A whole wall of flowers? Amazing!

Table cloth
Decorate your table with a cips clean table cloth and a vase of fresh flowers.

Now the summer is here, it’s time to brighten up your space and have a little fun.