Why did no one think of this pairing before?

Today is Cinco de Mayo – when Mexicans celebrate their national identity with a series of festivities and parties.

And while traditional Mexican fare is usually on the menu to mark the occasion – think spicy shrimp cocktail, tortilla bean soup, and cheesy nachos – we’re definitely a huge fan of HB’s twist on convention: a Mexican-inspired Cornetto taco.

Yup, this taco-shaped crispy waffle shell is filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, and is topped off with a delicious chocolate and peanut-flecked layer.

Oh and it's in fridges right now, priced at €1.80.

HB said today: “We’re bringing a Mexican twist to the Cornetto range and we reckon people are going to go loco for Cornetto Taco.”

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we don’t care if it’s raining out – it’s officially May and a HB Cornetto taco sounds almost obscenely delicious. Hola!