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Chris Brown's daughter Royalty was no doubt the best dressed at this year's Billboard Music Awards.

The 1-year-old accompanied her famous dad to the event where he was performing with Pitbull. 

She was more than likely very confused by all of the cameras and crowds but remained super adorable in her tutu and Timberlands while her dad smiled with her in his arms.

Chris has been loving fatherhood since discovering he had a daughter with model Nia Guzman and has posted snaps of the cutie to his Instagram account. 

A source recently spoke about Chris and said: "He wants the world to know she's his daughter."

He sure did that at last night's awards. 

She is clearly already a little fashionista and with those genes she's only set for greatness.

We're sure we will be seeing her on the red carpet a lot more in the future.

Move over Kim K…



You know those moments where you think someone super cool is waving at you so you wave back, but they were actually waving at the hot girl behind you? Or when you go in for a dramatic high-five and someone leaves you hanging? Well, Giuliana Rancic knows the kind of moments we're talking about after her awkward red carpet moment with Kendall Jenner.

The red carpet, not exactly a subtle location either…

The pair were chatting at the Billboard Music Awards and everything seemed to be going fine, until they parted ways. The model and E! presenter decided to kiss each other on the cheek to say goodbye as Kendall left, but it didn't all go to plan.

After one kiss on the cheek, Kendall started to walk away but poor Giuliana awkwardly leaned in for another.


The presenter was left hanging and stuck with that dilemma where you have to play it cool and hope no one saw.

We hate to break it to you girl, but we saw…

We've all been there though, so maybe we should stop talking about it before karma comes for us. 

One last thing though, we do hope Kendall didn't mean to do that to the poor woman…

Mail Online posted the video earlier, you can find it here.




You know that reaction when you’re seven-years-old and you see people kissing? Well, that was our reaction when we saw Shakira’s recent display of love!

The singer was super excited about her performance at the Billboard Music Awards that she leapt up on her husband Gerard Piqué, wrapped her legs around him and gave him a very lusty smooch.

The two were far from alone however and many people looked a little bit shocked.

Aww, it’s always nice to see a couple so much in love though. Keep up the good work guys!




The annual Billboard Awards were held last night, and the red carpet style certainly didn’t disappoint!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner looked absolutely beautiful with Kylie looking like she had raided older sister Kim’s wardrobe.

Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea seemed to take style tips from each other as they both went for a stunning shade of red.

Nicki Minaj continued her style reinvention and looked gorgeous in a black dress.