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Today’s women are probably most familiar with the itty bitty bikini type of swimwear which can now be spotted on any beach around the world.  But can you imagine what people wore for a dip back in 1916?

Well, a new video demonstrates every decade of swimming style from 1916 right up until today but rather than using a wardrobe of vintage suits to showcase the changes, the innovative people at Mode decided to use body paint instead.

According to Elle, each swimsuit took between 60 and 90 minutes to apply but thankfully those ten plus hours of labour have been handily reduced into a great little three minute clip.

Check it out below:




Anyone who was a child in the early noughties will remember the Disney Channel classic Even Stevens and although Louis Stephens (aka Shia LaBeouf) is still on the Hollywood circuit, less is known about his former on-screen sister Christy Carlson Romano.

Well according to People, Christy is currently expecting her first child with writer husband Brendan Rooney and what makes the news even cuter is that the baby is due on Christmas Day.

Christy told People: “I am flabbergasted at the serendipity of having a baby on Christmas. It’s our favourite holiday!”


En route to baby's first #redcarpet How appropriate that it's for @disneychannel #DCOM #adventuresinbabysitting #Disneyfam

A photo posted by Christy Carlson Romano (@thechristycarlsonromano) on

"What a gift we’ll have this year. Feeling so blessed and grateful … and a little nauseous.”

The star married her ex-military husband on New Years Eve 2013 – two years after they met while studying at Columbia University.

Since finishing her role as Ren in Even Stevens, Christy has put her voice to the cartoon character Kim Possible and played Belle in a Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast.


Around here we really do enjoy a good celebrity throwback. 

This week, we were very intrigued when a clip showed up on Instagram that showed Emma as an angsty teenager giving a fabulous rendition of Bitch on a VH1 series from 2004. 

We all know her as the actress who always knows how to make us laugh, cry, and everything in between. She’s an incredibly talented actress that just scored a 2015 Oscar nomination for her stellar performance in Birdman. She has also inspired some of the internets absolute favourite GIFs.

But did you know how exactly she got her start in Hollywood?

Apparently, it all started on In Search of the Partridge Family, a VH1 reality series that was searching for people to star in a TV series called The New Partridge Family. Emma did go on to win a role on the aforementioned show, and she did got to show off her singing skills with her performance of Bitch.

Things were so good, in fact, that Emma Stone, who used to go by Emily, was on a VH1 reality show called In Search of the Partridge Family.

Let us never forget the era of tan leather pants and Emma Stone being a reality TV star.

Oh, and then she won the show (obviously because her rendition of

Also of note, 16-year old Emma Stone was then going by Emily Stone. Her real name is in fact Emily Jean Stone, Emma is the stage-name she has adopted since then.


Many, many years ago there was something known as the 'Barbie Workout'. 

Yes it was exactly what you're thinking about and no, it was not as much fun as anyone had ever hoped. There was as much pink as you could imagine, but the the dance moves and leotards were enough for one generation.

Just when you thought the madness had stopped however, it appears to have resurfaced. According to Buzzfeed (who kindly GIFed the video so now it will most certainly live on forever), you can buy the video on Amazon

According to the video's official description, the 30 minute video pretty amazing:

"Barbie is now the star of a brand-new video! Barbie leads nine girls in over a dozen hot new dance workout routines—fun steps like The Barbie Basic, Hot Foot, Sidewalk Strut, Jammin' Jogger, Broadway Barbie… and more!"

Werk Erica gal! Those are some serious moves, and a nice sock/trainer combo also. Who are these nine girls you ask, well we don't know all of them (although we REALLY want to) but one of them is none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt:

*Fun Fact: Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of the dancing girls.

Considering Kim K's ill-fated workout DVD made something of a resurgence not too long ago, we're wondering iff we should be witnessing the next great big fitness trend? Maybe Barbie will be launching her own fitness app soon, we wait in hope.