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Amber Rose is going to be popping up on your TV screen very, very soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amber is getting her own prime time talk show, which is going to be produced by… erm, Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil's son owns his own production company and since Amber is good friends with Phil, they thought the unnamed Amber show would be a great idea.

"Amber has inspired millions of young women by overcoming homelessness to become a wildly successful entrepreneur," VH1's Chris McCarthy told the site.


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"A true multihyphenate, she is a devoted mother, a strong advocate for women's rights and a celebrated author all of which make her an ideal host."

"Amber is a perfect addition to the VH1 family because our audience is interested in hearing unique perspectives from those who are unapologetically themselves and not afraid to take a stand on issues they are passionate about."

We can only imagine what her talking points are going to be on the show. Certainly controversial… 

There has been no word as to what the show will be called or its premiere date, but it's definitely something to look out for.


Amy will soon become the next Taylor Swift as her #squad just keeps on growing. First, she became best friends with our fave actress, Jennifer Lawrence and then she struck up another friendship with Selena Gomez… and now she has moved onto Amber Rose.

On Sunday, the pair attended the VH1 Big in 2015 event and along with Entertainment Weekly, Amber honoured her new pal, Amy.


Ahhh I love this Bad Bitch @amyschumer #HowToBeABadBitch

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"Being on set with Amy is pretty amazing," said Amber, who starred in the Milk, Milk, Lemonade sketch on Inside Amy Schumer.

"She's constantly funny. It's not an act she puts on, it's really her personality. It's a lot of laughs, a lot of fun. She's all about girl power. I love it. She's a great friend."


I am also in this picture @amberrose #bigin2015

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And then Amber even admitted that she sees a lot of herself in Amy. 

"We both like to encourage women to be comfortable in their bodies. I do it through activism, and you let strange men touch on you in the subway. I like that sometimes too.


Again. I am pictured here. @amberrose is my friend on the right. We are working on her confidence

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"I always have so much fun with you, and I consider you a friend. If I can get serious for a second, people. I just want to thank you for making us laugh and more importantly, making us think. You are the best and I love you so much".

Amy and Amber continued to take LOADS of pictures during the night, including a snap of Amy helping Amber with her confidence.


Around here we really do enjoy a good celebrity throwback. 

This week, we were very intrigued when a clip showed up on Instagram that showed Emma as an angsty teenager giving a fabulous rendition of Bitch on a VH1 series from 2004. 

We all know her as the actress who always knows how to make us laugh, cry, and everything in between. She’s an incredibly talented actress that just scored a 2015 Oscar nomination for her stellar performance in Birdman. She has also inspired some of the internets absolute favourite GIFs.

But did you know how exactly she got her start in Hollywood?

Apparently, it all started on In Search of the Partridge Family, a VH1 reality series that was searching for people to star in a TV series called The New Partridge Family. Emma did go on to win a role on the aforementioned show, and she did got to show off her singing skills with her performance of Bitch.

Things were so good, in fact, that Emma Stone, who used to go by Emily, was on a VH1 reality show called In Search of the Partridge Family.

Let us never forget the era of tan leather pants and Emma Stone being a reality TV star.

Oh, and then she won the show (obviously because her rendition of

Also of note, 16-year old Emma Stone was then going by Emily Stone. Her real name is in fact Emily Jean Stone, Emma is the stage-name she has adopted since then.



Actress and dancer Stephanie Moseley and her husband, rapper Earl Hayes were found dead yesterday after an apparent murder-suicide.

Stephanie, who starred in VH1’s Hit The Floor was found beside her husband after police were called to an apartment in Los Angeles at around 7:30am yesterday morning. Before entering, shots were heard and a SWAT team found the couple deceased inside.

The actress was also a talented dancer and had worked backup for huge stars such as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

Earl was said to be close friends with Floyd Mayweather and TMZ have reported that the professional boxer was actually on FaceTime with the rapper when the shots were fired, with Floyd being alleged to have have heard them.

Many stars have taken to social media to give their condolences about the tragic news:


r.i.p. Stephanie.

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Such tragic and awful news. Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time. 


Tyra’s going in a different direction. Watch out the video for more!