MAJOR throwback… to Kim’s oh-so priceless 2009 workout DVD

She's known now as the seriously sophisticated fashionista; the wife of one of music's biggest stars, and all-in-all probably the most famous face in the world.

But it hasn't always been such a wholly glamorous existence for 34-year-old Kim Kardashian. 

As well as once working as a stylist, sorting out the wardrobes of Los Angeles's rich and famous, six years ago the reality TV mega-star (she's set to earn €47m this year alone) furthermore fronted her own series of workout DVDs.

Promising a "beautiful backside," the release is playfully entitled Fit In Your Jeans By Friday.

Intriguingly, is still very much up and running, providing a gloriously tantalising throwback glimpse into the the pre-Kanye world of Ms Kardashian.

"We all see celebrities in magazines and on TV and wish we could wriggle into the latest trends worn by our favorite stars.

"The thing is – celebrities work out too – otherwise they wouldn’t look as good as they do!" she writes on the site, adding: "My workouts show how easy it is to get the body you want for any style jean you want to wear.

"Fit In Your Jeans By Friday is an all access pass to my personal training sessions filled with 'How To' tips and Bonus Workouts."

Amazon describes the offering, which was first released in the US in 2009, as "a quick paced workout formulated to have you squatting, lunging and lengthening to a chiseled core in less than five days!

"This workout will isolate and condition all muscle groups of the butt, hips, legs, arms and midsection while burning 100s of calories."

On board to help her with her workouts are trainers Patrick Goudeau and Jennifer Galardi – with Jen saying afterwards in a promotional interview that it's "easy to see why people want a booty" like Kim's.

"That girl is TINY with an amazing backside and now an amazing body to go with it.

"Kim had realistic goals. She worked with what her momma gave her," the trainer added, "and while she definitely has become toned and tightened, she still maintains her beautiful feminine shape."

While performing her light weight-training, Pilates and mild cardio moves, Kim sports a trio of outfits for the DVD: first up, there is a black Spandex body-suit teamed with knee-high Puma boots, fingerless gloves and a sparkly belt.

The star can also be seen in a crop-top and leggings combo accessorised with a leather, zip-detail waist belt.

Meanwhile, her final look consists of classic, figure-hugging leggings worn with Nike booties and a black cut-out top which exposes a plunging purple-coloured bra.

Of course, to this day, the California-native – now pregnant with her second child – retains her love of fitness and exercise.

Indeed, she is often spotted heading to gyms close-by to the €17.5m Hidden Hills home she shares with Mr West and their daughter, North.