Come on Barbie let’s go… workout? The terrible video has returned

Many, many years ago there was something known as the 'Barbie Workout'. 

Yes it was exactly what you're thinking about and no, it was not as much fun as anyone had ever hoped. There was as much pink as you could imagine, but the the dance moves and leotards were enough for one generation.

Just when you thought the madness had stopped however, it appears to have resurfaced. According to Buzzfeed (who kindly GIFed the video so now it will most certainly live on forever), you can buy the video on Amazon

According to the video's official description, the 30 minute video pretty amazing:

"Barbie is now the star of a brand-new video! Barbie leads nine girls in over a dozen hot new dance workout routines—fun steps like The Barbie Basic, Hot Foot, Sidewalk Strut, Jammin' Jogger, Broadway Barbie… and more!"

Werk Erica gal! Those are some serious moves, and a nice sock/trainer combo also. Who are these nine girls you ask, well we don't know all of them (although we REALLY want to) but one of them is none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt:

*Fun Fact: Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of the dancing girls.

Considering Kim K's ill-fated workout DVD made something of a resurgence not too long ago, we're wondering iff we should be witnessing the next great big fitness trend? Maybe Barbie will be launching her own fitness app soon, we wait in hope.