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Well, karma's a b*tch and it seems she's following around Michael Griffiths for the foreseeable future. 

The firefighter turned reality star tried to play it cool after his car got clamped in Manchester yesterday, but he couldn't help smirking as he walked away from his white Mercedes.

The flashy car was spotted with a yellow clamp on its front left wheel and a pricey fine on the windscreen, totally immobilised. We promise we're not laughing.

Image: Backgrid

Cars are normally clamped for illegal parking, or if they're untaxed and on a public road. The Love Island star will have to pay a steep fine to get his motor back, or will have the car towed.

Michael did his best to walk away nonchalantly from the scene, but didn't succeed. The 27-year-old was caught in a whirlwind love triangle on the show, with Amber Gill and Joanna Chimonides.

Amber went on to win the show with Irish charmer Greg O'Shea, after Michael tried and failed to win her back. What a moment that was for the chaldish man.


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The Sun Online revealed he was kissing Casa Amor's Nabila Badda after the reunion show on Sunday, before cracking on with Joanna Chimonides again.

Pictures showed the Michael planting a kiss on Nabila before getting intimate with Joanna straight afterwards. It won't be long before his head gets turned again, we reckon.

Joanna was dumped from the Island, branding Michael a "snake" after he wouldn't leave the villa with her. She's denying that they're romantically involved, despite being photographed kissing.

Feature image; Instagram/@mac_griffiths



An Irish firefighter, who was pictured giving a "singed" rabbit water has received huge praise online for the kind deed.

Tom Collins, a firefighter situated in Cork, was pictured online holding a tiny rabbit while feeding it water from a bottle.

Since then, he has received loads of positive feedback, which he says is "hugely unexpected."

"It's hard to explain, I put up a simple post with the picture that my colleague Adrian Collins took, and to get such a positive reaction on Facebook is really humbling," he told Breaking News.

Tom explained that he normally wouldn't come across many wild animals while fire fighting, but this little rabbit actually came up to him.

"We were dealing with the fire when the rabbit actually approached us, he looked a little worse for wear and his fur was singed," Tom said.

"I gave him a wash and a drink of water and he was happy to go off on his own again."

The picture has obviously touched many, with it receiving nearly 1,200 reactions on social media.

We can't help but smile at the kindness of this fireman.


It's been nearly 50 years since the original ad of the Milk Tray man aired in 1968, and now Cadbury's has found a new handsome guy to take on the roll.

After the chocolate company launched the search last year to find a new hunky fellow, a fireman from Liverpool has won the role.

Patrick McBride fought off more than 20,000 hopefuls by impressing the judges with witty banter and performing a fireman's rescue lift.

The 39-year-old was so determined to clinch the title that he wore his full firefighing uniform to the London auditions.

Patrick also has a history of modelling and TV ad work, as well as a 14-year career in the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service – so it's safe to say he ticked all the boxes.

"My wife's so happy for me. She's made up. I think it will sink in when the billboards are up and the ads are on TV. I think she'll be pleased she's married to the Milk Tray man," said Patrick.

But, even though his wife will be happy, he's not too sure about his fellow firefighting buddies.

"I'd expect some playful banter… maybe the odd poster up. Maybe they'll come to work wearing black polo necks."