The Irish fireman who gave a tiny rabbit water is praised online


An Irish firefighter, who was pictured giving a "singed" rabbit water has received huge praise online for the kind deed.

Tom Collins, a firefighter situated in Cork, was pictured online holding a tiny rabbit while feeding it water from a bottle.

Since then, he has received loads of positive feedback, which he says is "hugely unexpected."

"It's hard to explain, I put up a simple post with the picture that my colleague Adrian Collins took, and to get such a positive reaction on Facebook is really humbling," he told Breaking News.

Tom explained that he normally wouldn't come across many wild animals while fire fighting, but this little rabbit actually came up to him.

"We were dealing with the fire when the rabbit actually approached us, he looked a little worse for wear and his fur was singed," Tom said.

"I gave him a wash and a drink of water and he was happy to go off on his own again."

The picture has obviously touched many, with it receiving nearly 1,200 reactions on social media.

We can't help but smile at the kindness of this fireman.