Cadbury’s reveals its SEXY new Milk Tray man for Valentine’s Day

It's been nearly 50 years since the original ad of the Milk Tray man aired in 1968, and now Cadbury's has found a new handsome guy to take on the roll.

After the chocolate company launched the search last year to find a new hunky fellow, a fireman from Liverpool has won the role.

Patrick McBride fought off more than 20,000 hopefuls by impressing the judges with witty banter and performing a fireman's rescue lift.

The 39-year-old was so determined to clinch the title that he wore his full firefighing uniform to the London auditions.

Patrick also has a history of modelling and TV ad work, as well as a 14-year career in the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service – so it's safe to say he ticked all the boxes.

"My wife's so happy for me. She's made up. I think it will sink in when the billboards are up and the ads are on TV. I think she'll be pleased she's married to the Milk Tray man," said Patrick.

But, even though his wife will be happy, he's not too sure about his fellow firefighting buddies.

"I'd expect some playful banter… maybe the odd poster up. Maybe they'll come to work wearing black polo necks."