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Want to make an attention-grabbing bouquet for a festival, hen do, wedding or party? Bloom & Wild's floral stylist Rowan Blossom and author of bestselling book Living With Flowers, is here to show you how. 

And good news. It's not as hard as you'd think. Everyone can do this. You just need to allow about an hour to make it on the day you want to wear it so it's lovely and fresh. But if you really, really won't have time on the day? Just make it the day before and fill it in a big bowl of cold water overnight. 

What you'll need:

– Measuring tape

– Floristry wire

– Green floristry tape

– Floristry scissors

– Ribbon of your choice

– 1 Bloom & Wild letterbox bouquet, we've used The Rebecca

Top tip:

Choose a bouquet with woody or rigid stems as they last longer out of water. Roses, carnations, leucospermum, celosia, and foliage like ruscus and eucalyptus are all great choices. 


1. Measure your head then cut your floristry wire to size

2. Twist each end of wire to create loops. Hold them in place by tightly wrapping them with floristry tape. You'll pop your ribbon through these later.

3. Trim each flower down so there's only 1-2 inches of stem left. Cut down your foliage into sprigs this long as well.

4. Start by placing a piece of foliage at one end of the floral wire, keeping it as close to the loop as you can without covering it.

5. To hold it in place, grab your floristry tape. Keep it on the reel, but hold the open end over the stem wire, pull the tape until it turns clear then tightly wrap it around. Do this one or twice until it feels securely held. 

6. Repeat with a flower. You want to pop your flower as close to the foliage as possible to hide any signs of tape.

7. Then keep repeating steps 6 and 7, alternating between foliage and flower, until your crown is full. Remember to keep pulling your tape tightly and to keep your stems lined up in the same direction as you go. Try saving some of your bigger, focal stems for the front where they'll be most seen.

8. If any stems poke out of line, just trim them at the edge of the tape as you go along.

9 When you reach the end of your crown, secure the last piece of foliage in place by tightly wrapping it with floristry tape. 

10. Next, tie your ribbon through the end loops.

11. Then you're ready to go.



Festival season is officially around the corner, and with all the chat about Longitude and Indiependence, we're getting a little nostalgic for the ghosts of festivals past. 

Oxegen was one of the first music festival experiences many Irish folk had, and despite it's slightly scaldy reputation towards the end, the three-day rager will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Here's why: 

10. All….that….mud….

You could have made a clay pot for your granny with all the mud you had to sluice out of your clothes after the great Oxegen mud slide of 2011.

The mud-spattered masses never let the germ level and quicksand-like consistency of the mud deter them. 

Image result for festival mud

9. The amount of teenyboppers

Perhaps you hated them or perhaps you were even one of them.

You'd never get away with it now, but for some reason the collective age of quite a few people at the rager of a festival seemed to sometimes be on the wrong side of 18. 

8. Festival huns

As Oxegen was around in the time period when it was still socially acceptable to don a massive flower crown or a Native American headdress as the male equivalent, the sites were rife with them.

Your Oxegen wardrobe wasn't complete without the biggest garland of flowers you could find teamed with a pair of Penneys denim hot pants.  

Image result for festival huns

7. The microphone man

If there was one foolproof way to amuse yourself on the way into Oxegen it was to listen to the dulcet tones of the microphone man that blared out over the campsites.

For humorous musings mixed with safety information and instructions, he was your man. 

6. Baby wipes

The showering services at the festival left quite a lot to be desired, so making friends with your neighbour to nab a few baby wipes was the name of the game.

Used to clear the mud off your wellies and the sweat from your brow, venturing into the campsite without some wet wipes was a bit fat nope for anyone who cared abut personal hygiene. 

Image result for festival hygiene

5. Portaloo problems

Okay, this one isn't exclusive to Oxegen, but it happened a hell of a lot.

Some bunch of eejits would knock over half the Portaloos in the middle of the night hoping that some poor soul was trapped within. For their sake we hope there never was. 

4. The Dutch Gold vendors

Seeing as pints are exorbitantly priced inside any festival arena, there would always be a few lads tipping around Oxegen on the Sunday, trying to sell off their spare cans after being over-zealous in the alcohol department pre-festival. 

Usually, the lukewarm and slightly muddy cans would be sold for the highly competitive rate of three for a tenner, and us drought-driven desperados would always commit to the purchase. 

3. Tent flipping

Tent flipping was a national pastime at the Punchestown festival.

Fingers crossed your tent wasn't in the firing line for this annoying as f*** degenerate hobby. 

Image result for why tho

2. Tent burning

A step up from tent flipping, this crime was ony executed by the biggest twats imaginable. 

Sometimes they'd burn their own tents just for the fun of it. Arson isn't cool, kids. 

Image result for tent on fire

1. Paying 10 quid for a hot chicken roll and a can of Coke 

Extortion is the only word for the price of the food in the campsite shops.

After you battled through the masses to get to the shop, then queued for what felt like hours for your roll, only then to discover that the price of your roll is practically the same as your ticket into the entire festival. 



Listen up! 

Festival season is just around the corner, and if the stellar list of line-up announcements weren't enough whet your appetite, perhaps a pair of glitter clad light-up wellies will get you in the mood. 

When it comes to festival style, the more outrageous, the better, and we reckon you'd be hard pushed to find a more appropriate item of clothing. 

Available on ASOS, the full-length boots come in bright sparkling silver, lighting up in purple and blue when pressure is applied to the sole.

Practical, yet perfectly on trend, you'll be the talk of the campsite as you stomp around in these bad boys. 

Plus, the flashing lights will make it easier for you're friends to find you when you inevitably get lost in the see of green and blue nylon. 

You can pick up your very own pair for just €23.65 on asos.com – but be quick! These larger than life festival essentials are sure to sell out before summer rolls around. 



Coachella is kicking off this month, and with it comes an Instagram influx of amazing, high-shine festival makeup looks.

We've been uber-envious of all the gorgeous Insta-influencers heading off to the music festival in the sun, but seeing their practice Coachella makeup looks is keeping us sane.

We're feeling super inspired to channel the looks for the Irish festival season, and luckily, Penneys is on the same wavelength. 

Hair crayons €4.00, Glitter Roots kit €4.00

The high street bargain store has just launched their amazing new Prism collection, and there are a few pieces that stand out as absolute festival must haves.

Staying totally up-to-date with festival hair trends, Penneys have created a glitter roots kit, which includes multiple glitter shades to cover up greasy three-day-camping roots.

Penneys have also launched a set of hair crayons, perfect for adding some temporary colour to your locks. 

Face gems €3, Holographic Highlighter stick €3.50

No festival look is complete without a few gem stickers to highlight your favourite features, and Penneys is providing them already arranged, so you don't even have to think aboiut how to apply them.

Channelling the 90s has also never been easier, with body glitter hitting the shelves and giving us all sorts of childhood nostalgia.

The holographic highlighter stick is perfect for both face and body, and would look seriously cool underneath those gems. 

Holographic lip gloss €2.00 each

These holographic mermaid lip glosses are making is super easy to achieve that Kylie Jenner metallic lip festival look. 

And the fact that the shades have adorable names like Fintasia and Mermaid Kiss doesn't hurt either. 

These star shimmer lip balms have the perfect sprinkle of glitter we've been looking for to top coat our lippie.

It looks like this festival season is set to be the most glittery yet. 

So, while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



We're already more than excited for this summer's festival season, and kicking it all off on the June bank holiday is Forbidden Fruit

The early bird tickets have already flown out the door, after the festival revealed that the likes of Bon Iver, Flying Lotus and Lisa Hannigan are all set to star on the main stage.

Now, the final tier of tickets are available online, and they're sure to disappear as quickly as the previous two releases. 

Three-day weekend tickets are currently priced at €145.50, with two-day tickets coming in at €109.00.

One day passes are €59.50, and are sure to go fast!

Moderat, Maceo Plex, NAO, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Kink and Mall Grab will join those already scheduled over the three-day weekend. 

Other acts announced are Flying Lotus, The Staves, Gordi, Orbital, Aphex Twin and Paul Thomas Saunders.

See you all at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham! 



After waiting for months to find out whether or not Longitude was actually happening or not, it has finally been revealed that the festival is going ahead, and a sliver of the line up has been leaked.

Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal, Jack Garratt, Glass Animals, Lucy Rose and "many more" are said to be heading to Marley Park this coming summer.

The acts were revealed by Gentlemen of the Road, partners of Longitude, on Twitter. 

More information about the festival is set to be officially released by festival organisers later on today.

Tickets are not on sale yet, but as soon as they are they can be purchased from here.

Last year saw Major Lazer, Kendrick Lamar and The National play to thousands of Irish revellers. 

We're officially excited for festival season. 


We're already more than excited for this summers festival season, and kicking it all off on the June bank holiday is Forbidden Fruit

The early bird tickets have already flown out the door, after the festival revealed that the likes of Bon Iver, Flying Lotus and Lisa Hannigan are all set to star on the main stage. 

The next wave of tickets are out and going fast, and a whole host of brand new artists are confirmed to play. 

Moderat, Maceo Plex, NAO, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Kink and Mall Grab will join those already scheduled over the three day weekend. 

Other acts announced are Flying Lotus, The Staves, Gordi, Orbital, Aphex Twin and Paul Thomas Saunders.

Yet more acts set to play Forbidden Fruit 2017 will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets are currently €109.00 so grab yours quick!


If you've been reminiscing on festival season during the gloomy weather we've been having, you're in luck, because most Irish festivals are already gearing up for summer 2017.

Tickets for the top gigs next summer are in the early bird stages, so now is the time to snap them up before they all sell out.

1. Electric Picnic

Ireland's biggest festival is already getting ready for next year, after massive acts The 1975, Lana Del Ray and LCD Soundsystem smashed the main stage last year.

Tickets are currently only €230.00, so we advise getting in there ASAP because EP sells out every single year. 

2. Beatyard


A photo posted by Beatyard (@beatyard) on

Winter rages outside but plans for Beatyard 2017 are well underway with early bird tickets going on sale this week.

The festival is offering two for one on weekend tickets for €90 a pair until Dec 23rd, so grab a mate and get booking. 

3. Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit just announced the first of their 2017 line up and the early bird tickets are flying out the door. 

Bon Iver, Flying Lotus and Lisa Hannigan are all set to star on the main stage.  

4. Body & Soul


A photo posted by Body&Soul (@bodyandsoulirl) on

Body and Soul is one of Ireland's more laid back festivals, with a reputation for a stellar line up. 

While no official acts have been announced, this festival is always worth the trip, and tickets are already on sale!

5. Vantastival


A photo posted by @vantastival on

One of Ireland's smaller festivals, Vantastival has a reputation for being one of the most authentic. 

The affordable tickets for the chilled out gathering are only €75.00, so they really wont break the bank. 

6. Castlepalooza


A photo posted by castlepalooza (@castlepalooza) on

The annual festival at Charleville Caste draws festival revellers the country over.

Last year the festival played host to Caribou, Villagers, Jurassic 5 and Cat Power, and tickets for this year's festival go on sale this Friday.