Turning 30 is a pretty big milestone in anyone’s language.

It’s a birthday which suggests you need to leave the hedonistic days of your twenties behind you, and gird yourself for a life of drudgery.

Most 30-year-olds would, however, insist that little has changed since they entered their third decade, and they’re the people Emma Doran has a bone to pick with.

The comedian has taken it upon herself to impart some words of wisdom to anyone born in 1987 or before, and we’ll be honest, it struck a chord.

Not only are certain 30-year-olds we know guilty of using terms like ‘bae’ and ‘yolo’, even more refuse to leave the Oz dream behind, and still hark back to their glory days Down Under.

If you’re 30 or over and of a sensitive disposition, it’s worth noting that these words might sting a little…