No matter what your line of work, you're bound to send a few (or 50) emails every day.

Work emails can be tricky. Do I sign off everything with 'kind regards'? Is it too much to send a kiss to a colleague? Can I act casual in an after-work drinks email? It's a minefield.

Who you are and where you work can all be determining factors in deciding email etiquette, however a recent study found one of the worst things you can do.

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According to the Harvard Business Review, if you keep CC'ing your boss into an email, it can have a very negative impact.

Management Studies professor, David de Cremer, carried out research on 594 working adults to determine how CC'ing your boss into emails can affect a team's dynamic.

He said that the study "indicated that when the supervisor was copied in often, employees felt less trusted, and this feeling automatically led them to infer that the organisational culture must be low in trust overall, fostering a culture of fear and low psychological safety."

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David noted that while keeping your boss in the loop in some situations is of importance, you need to choose wisely, as to not annoy them or make it seem as though nobody is trusted.

Just something to keep in mind…