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There's something about January that makes people feel the need to search for the next love of their life, apparently.

Maybe the new year just makes us feel just a lil bit… broody? The first Sunday of the new year happens to be the most popular online dating day of the calendar year, according to Hinge.

Whether you're hungry for a new job, a new place to settle or a new gal or guy to send all of our heart emojis to, the turning of time urges us to reevaluate parts of our lives which may feel lacking in some way.

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January 6 is so popular in terms of online dating apps that it has been dubbed "Dating Sunday", and industry experts are predicting that 2019 will be bigger than ever for the online love world.

Hinge analysed activity data from 2016 until 2018, and saw a massive spike in conversations, as well as far more dates being arranged and a much higher messaging response rate. Gas.

In 2017 there was an increase of 41 percent of people who began conversations on Dating Sunday than the week before- and in 2018 that figure rose to 59 percent. Jaysis, these numbers don't lie, do they?

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62 percent more users set up dates on Dating Sunday in 2018, and Hinge also reported increased in daily user activity, with 20 percent more conversations being carried out and a 36 percent higher message response rate.

Singles who are seeking love clearly become influenced after Christmas ends and the parties simmer down, will you be swiping right today?

We might just go and update those profile pictures seeing as the competition is higher… bring on the messages, lads.

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We're ready for it. *Winks*


Searching for a date? – Well, today might just be your lucky day.

The first Sunday of January, otherwise known as 'Dating Sunday', is the busiest day of the year for online daters.

Popular sites like Match.com, Plenty of Fish and Tinder all report significant increases in user activity on the first Sunday of the New Year.

In fact, according to abc News, Match.com is predicting a massive 42 per cent increase in sign-ups today, while Tinder say that twice as many matches were made on this day last year.

So, what is it about today that makes us all so desperate for love?

Well, as the festive season comes to an end and thoughts of Valentines and summer holidays begin to take their hold, many singletons begin to search for a partner to share these romantic milestones with.

And seeing as we were busy in work all week, today is the perfect day to sit back and settle in for a marathon swipe session.

However, it's not all good news.

Not only does the new year herald the beginning of new and exciting relationships, it's also a time associated with painful break-ups and messy divorces.

The first Monday after the Christmas break has even been dubbed 'Divorce Day', with the of divorce inquiries doubling (and even tripling) in the first few days of January.