Cruise ships are getting more and more luxurious as the years roll on. Who hasn’t been tempted to hop aboard a giant floating hotel bound for the Caribbean at least once?

Well, people who suffer from sea sickness are probably not so inclined to book their tickets when pay day arrives. There’s one demographic that cruise ships have shunned up to now.

For some, the less than stable nature of the ocean and all of its wild glory can be just too tricky to stomach for weeks at a time.

However, now a genius have come up with the perfect way to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time at sea, without any of the nausea.

The Sun Cruise Hotel is a cruise shop that will never cause motion sickness. Why? How?

Well, rather than being located in the sea, it actually resides on a massive cliff overlooking the sea instead. Amazing.

Aside from the fact that is staying firmly on dry land, the hotel, is otherwise a precise replica of any other luxury cruise ship. There’s a revolving sky lounge, karaoke, a sea water pool and a volleyball court.

They also play wave sounds and birds’ calls over loudspeakers on the ship so it feels like you are out in the ocean.

So, next time you’re in Korea you know where to find the most unique of cruise experiences.