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'Trashy' films are considered to refer to low budget movies, badly made flicks and those which include explicit features within.

Think 21 Jump Street, John Tucker Must Die, Sharknado and pretty much any films featuring Adam Sandler.

For a long time, it has been assumed that people who enjoy watching films such as these were of low intelligence… rude much?

Luckily for us 'trashy' flick fans, a study published in Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts has reversed the idea that only uncultured souls binge watch Mean Girls all day.

The research carried out investigated how the phrase 'trashy movies' in terms of pop culture could be utilised in a better way.

The online survey collected data from regular viewers of films considered trashy, and measured their intelligence and IQ. The result? They're darn ACADEMICS.

One reason why these films appealed to people with high IQ's was the ironic value of the badly made films, as well as the culturally subversive elements.

Trashy films can be less cautious with its use of plot-lines and execution, less rigid in structure, which is enjoyable for smart folk allegedly.

More original ideas and less clichés seemingly feature in badly made movies…interesting. *strokes chin* Trashy dramas with absurd plots and terrible acting can also be plain GAS to watch, it's so bad that it's good. 

There's a reason why the world and it's mother watched A Christmas Prince, and it ain't because of the acting lads.



They say when you’re ready for a baby you just know. But, we’re not too sure. Surely there's a list to tick off so we know we're not making a major decision based on our hormone fluctuations?

Granted, babies are ridiculously cute and their heads happen to smell like magic and happiness, but this is precisely what hoodwinks us into thinking we’re ready, when we’re actually not.  

So if you’re wondering if you’re ready or not to become a baby mama, try out these nine sure-fire signs for size:

1. You’re ready to sacrifice your life for another human

Oh sure, it sounds dramatic, but if you’re looking after a kid, you can’t even go to the bog alone. Yep, as soon as you have a baby you’re suddenly the loyal slave of a pooing, dribbling little overlord. So in the words made immortal by “Maniac 2000”, are you ready?

2. You don’t care about giving up spontaneous nights out

The rigmarole of getting a babysitter – not to mention attempting leaving your child without having an emotional meltdown – seriously scuppers any impromptu nights on the town. Instead, a night hitting the pub is akin to a military sting operation, involving blueprints, complicated strategies and a field plan.

3.  You REALLY want a baby, but you’re worried you won’t be able for it

You know what, asking yourself this question shows maturity, so A+ for you. Most mams worry they’ll be shite parents anyway; it’s normal. And think about this, if the hilarious walking disaster that is Bridget Jones can handle becoming a mammy, so can you. (Yes, Bridget is back and she’s up the duff!) This is the woman that made blue soup for Lord’s sake.


4. One Born Every Minute fills you with wonderment and joy (instead of terror)

If a soothing night in front of the telly for you is listening to the harrowing screams of women as they push human beings out of their hoo-has, chances are you’re good to go.

5. You’re cool with spending money on ‘baby stuff’ and not ‘you stuff’

If you’re not absolutely horrified by the prospect of eschewing a new pair of heels for a Bugaboo, then go forth dear friend and conceive, with our many blessings.

6. Your gaff is suitable for a baby

We hate to wreck the buzz, but there are practicalities to caring for a baby. So if you’re sharing a party house with six students and a mysterious man in his 50s called Maurizio, chances are you’re not ready to start planning for a kid.

7. You’re a responsible, functioning member of society

If you’ve answered yes to this, what’s your secret? We joke, we joke. First things first, if the word ‘responsible’ makes you feel queasy, you’re probably not that responsible. Secondly, if you beg your Mam to fill out your forms because you’re “not able for it” we’re going to suggest holding off on the old fertilisation.

8. You’ve had your baby names picked out since you were 12

If you’ve been dreaming about meeting Arabella, Jaxon and Honeyflower for as long as you can remember, you’re probably ready by now.

9. You just want one goddammit

Because sometimes you DO just know. Go for it girl!

And to get you in the mood for 123,679 nappies and pacing the floor with puke on your shoulder, check out Bridget juggling Colin with McDreamy in the gas new flick Bridget Jones's Baby. Welcome back Bridge! 



When it comes to men, we fall for them in movies the same way we do in real life. They could be mean, selfish or a player but we just can't help ourselves…

Here are five movie characters we can't help but fall for. 

1. Lon in The Notebook
He isn't Noah, but they didn't give him any unlovable qualities either. Our hearts did break for him, numerous times…why would they do that to us?

2. Jake in Sweet Home Alabama 
That first love you will just never get over no matter how much you fight. You don't know why you love him, you just do. 

3. Daniel in Bridget Jones's Diary
The player you always go back to but know you should really avoid at all costs but never do, ever. 

4. Ben in Knocked up
Not exactly the ideal boyfriend material, but over time you can't shake the feelings anymore.

5. Ben in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
A ladies man who believes he can make a girl fall in love with him within 10 days…WE VOLUNTEER. 




1. Cher – Clueless
She’s the perfect fashion and man hunting partner but with a heart of gold- just what every girl looks for in a best friend!

2. Bridget – Bridget Jones's Diary
She’s endlessly entertaining, cringe-worthy and the perfect forever alone companion. Movie night with Bridget anyone?

3. Annie – Bridesmaids
Loyal to the end and won’t let you go without a fight. She’s that friend you immediately click with and realise you’re soulmates.

4. Georgia – Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
She’s such a disaster magnet you can’t wait to see what she does next.

5. Samantha – Sex and the City
She’s confident, straight to the point and doesn’t hold back. She will always be there for you when you face any trouble.




Chick flicks leave us women with a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts…until someone points out just how unrealistic they all are. So, to get you out of your Disneyland fairy tale, here are just some of the lies chick flicks have told us.

1. You will live alone in New York in a giant apartment in your late 20s


2. Kissing your male/female best friend will lead to marriage


3. If you’re a hooker, a rich Wall Street buff will collect you, not make you have sex and marry you


4. The creepy guy you talk to on the internet turns out to be the love of your life


5. The guy that saves your life will leave his perfect wife and marry the wedding planner


6. When you go with your boyfriend to meet his parents you will both end up coming home with different partners and you will be very happy about it


7. The maid of a hotel will marry the rich Senator


8. A bankrupt shopaholic writer will get a job in a financial magazine


9. Makeovers change everything


10. That it is perfectly normal to get with your step-brother and no one will make a single comment about it


11. You will find the love of your life in school


12. Kisses are perfect in the rain


13. You will fall in love with your arch enemy


14. It is okay to confess your love for your best friend on their wedding day


15. You will get hired by the man you hate and then both fall in love


16. The world famous Hollywood actress will get with the awkward shop owner


17. That wearing a small eye mask hides your identity


18. That men and women make over the top public love confessions



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