The 5 chick flick characters we wish were our best friends


1. Cher – Clueless
She’s the perfect fashion and man hunting partner but with a heart of gold- just what every girl looks for in a best friend!

2. Bridget – Bridget Jones's Diary
She’s endlessly entertaining, cringe-worthy and the perfect forever alone companion. Movie night with Bridget anyone?

3. Annie – Bridesmaids
Loyal to the end and won’t let you go without a fight. She’s that friend you immediately click with and realise you’re soulmates.

4. Georgia – Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
She’s such a disaster magnet you can’t wait to see what she does next.

5. Samantha – Sex and the City
She’s confident, straight to the point and doesn’t hold back. She will always be there for you when you face any trouble.