A study has found that the actual tick tock of a clock makes women want to get married and have babies.

Not only this, but it may lead you to drop your standards and just go with any old eejit who can fulfil your desires.

Apparently, women subconsciously associate the sound of a ticking clock with their limited child-bearing years

In the first experiment, 59 men and women were asked about when they want to have children, and in the second they were asked about the qualities they look for in a partner.

They were also asked about how financially secure their childhood was, and apparently the women who came from a poor background were influenced by the ticking clock. They wanted children earlier and didn’t worry so much about their partner’s social status or earning power.

Women who came from a well-off background, on the other hand, became choosier about their mate as their time ticked away.

Men, of course, paid no heed to the ticking clock.

The Florida State University researchers said: “Subtle clues that signal the passage of time – such as the perception of a ticking clock – may signal threats to a woman’s reproductive potential.”