‘Babies in the future’! Hollyoak’s Nikki Sanderson is getting broody

After her character became a mum on Hollyoaks, it looks like Nikki Sanderson is ready for a child of her own.

The 32-year-old actress has said that she children are certainly in the plan.

"Babies are definitely in my future. I'm maternal and everybody who knows me know just how much I love children."

And it seems Nikki is getting some parenting practice in with her partner's family.


Happy 4th Birthday to my amazing Nephew Jacob!! One little man who has brought so much joy to our lives #love #auntielove #proud

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"Right now I'm really busy with Hollyoaks, but Greg had a new nephew the other day and we've got a couple of other nieces and nephews. They're all amazing," the actress told Sunday People.

"I'm also very close to Eva, who plays my two-year-old daughter on Hollyoaks – I absolutely idolise her," Nikki added.