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After their critically acclaimed HBO comedy special, over 180 million downloads, and a sell-out world tour, the award-winning #1 hit podcast, My Dad Wrote A Porno, is back with a brand new live show for 2020.

They have added a second show in Dublin’s Bord Gais Energy Theatre for October, 18 2020. My Dad Wrote A Porno is part of Dublin’s Podcast Festival 2020. 

Reading never-before heard material from the mind of the legendary Rocky Flintstone, join Jamie Morton, along with his mates James Cooper and Alice Levine, as he delves deeper into his father’s Belinda Blinked erotic saga.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but you will not be aroused. With surprises, interactive elements and a massive party atmosphere, you do not want to miss this hilarious and outrageous comedy event as Team Porno bring more of the best/worst erotica ever written to the world. 

With Hollywood fans including Dame Emma Thompson, Elijah Wood, Daisy Ridley, Nicholas Hoult and Michael Sheen and rave reviews from the likes of Variety, The Guardian and Time MagazineMy Dad Wrote A Porno is quite simply ‘a cultural phenomenon' (The Sunday Times)

My Dad Wrote A Porno recently won a prestigious Webby Award for Best Comedy Podcast 2019 as well as being named Podcast Champions at this year’s British Podcast Awards for outstanding contribution to British podcasting. The show has also won a European Lovie Award and Team Porno were listed on The Progress 1000, London's most influential people of 2018.


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The Dublin Podcast Festival returns in 2020 for the fourth year running as they celebrate the podcasting world and connect fans with the people who make them.  

Tickets priced €34 / €44 / €59 go on sale this Thursday, December 19 at 10AM


Back for the third year in a row, Dublin Podcast Festival is returning with headliner shows and live podcasts across multiple venues this November.

The festival have announced a string of headliners in the line-up and the anticipation is seriously building.

The podcast event will feature international and homegrown talent, covering everything from crime, comedy, literature and history for live audiences.


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The legendary Guilty Feminist is set to land at Vicar Street once again on November 6. With over 35 million downloads under their belt, host Deborah Frances-White and a special guest are set to light up the stage.

They're scheduled to chat about noble goals as 21st century feminists, and the paradoxes and insecurities which undermine them. If you were lucky enough to catch them in Ireland last time, you'll be a superfan by now.

The UK's number one LGBTQ+ podcast is landing with a bang, and it's possibly the show we're the most excited about.


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A Gay and a NonGay is coming to the Sugar Club on November 10, with BFFs James Barr and Dan Hudson covering the differences between LGBTQ+ and NonGay people to life on stage in a ridiculously simple but gas premise.

Comedy duo The 2 Johnnies return with their biggest live show yet after a sold-out event at the Vodafone Comedy Festival. The pair have been number one on Ireland's podcast charts every week for 80 weeks.

They're performing at Vicar Street on November 14, with serious topics such as riding, Gaelic games and parish news to cover.


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IT GALZ LIVE! have continued to sell out live shows throughout Ireland since their debut at last year’s podcast festival, and their success story is continuing in 2019.

The hilarious cultural commentary by Jenny Claffey and Lindsay Hamilton will reach new heights as the gals are hosting their biggest headline show yet; Vicar Street on November 16.

The topics range from pop culture to women's rights, through a mainly satirical lens, but you're bound to get a good laugh from them.


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Ireland's favourite podcaster and number one bestselling author, BlindBoy, is set to return for two nights in Vicar Street on November 19 and 24.

BlindBoy will be here for a third consecutive year, and is set to celebrate International Men's Day with a special live show. 

The personality speaks wise words on indoctrinate mental health issues but makes sure to reach further into a wide spectrum of current topics, may it be gun laws, feminism, racism or history.


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The Dollop will arrive at Liberty Hall on November 21, bringing US history to the stage with comedian hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds.

History buff Dave decided to turn his hobby into a podcast. Each episode he reads one strange and disturbing story from the American past to Gareth, who is clueless about the tales.

Gareth's hilarious reactions are why The Dollop is in the top 20 downloaded comedy podcasts in the US, Canada, and Australia.


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My Favourite Murder will host a live show in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre on November 24 and 25, but limited tickets remain for the second show so act fast.

Debuting number one on The New York Times Best Sellers List, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark host a brilliant true crime podcast that you're bound to become addicted to.

Aside from being avid true crime enthusiasts, Karen is a stand-up comedian and television writer and Georgia is a writer and host for the Cooking Channel.


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The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed in recent years, for both their entertainment factor and educational abilities.

The Dublin Podcast Festival will celebrate the world of podcast and intends on connecting fans with those who create them.

Your earphones won't be necessary this November, we highly recommend seeing a live performance. Tickets for the events will go on sale from Ticketmaster.ie on Monday, August 12 at 10am.

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Today, multi-platinum selling songwriter and mental health activist, Niall Breslin announced the launch of his own podcast series, Where is my Mind?. Available to listen to today across all streaming platforms, the six episode podcast series will guide listeners on how to navigate the manic, always-on and head-melting world they find themselves in today.

Where is my Mind? will follow Niall discussing what impact today’s society has on individuals, discussing a variety of coping techniques on how to deal with the overstimulated mindset people find themselves in by introducing the basics of mindfulness practice and meditation. Each podcast episode will enable listeners to learn the skills to help with breaking that autopilot mode, how to navigate constant distraction, how to be a more skilful stress-head and even how to get good at Jenga.


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Speaking on the announcement, Founder of Where is my Mind?, Niall Breslin said ‘We all share a lot of the same issues and insecurities and to ask are there practical things we can all do to lessen the impact of the lightning-fast, high pressure world on our ability to be able to sleep soundly at night? For me the podcast platform is the most intimate way to explore this context in more detail and perhaps support people in the internal and external difficulties they will inevitably face in this life’.


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Available to stream today, the first episode of Where is my Mind? discusses how individuals end up zoning out and living on autopilot in today’s hectic world, while looking at various techniques to overcome this habit ensuring to stay present in everyday life.

Other episodes within the podcast series will discuss various topics helping to create a healthier mind space when dealing with various issues such as distraction, chaos in today’s modern world, communication and perspective. Each episode is accompanied by a structured mindfulness programme and a guided meditation where Bressie leads the listener in the principles of mindfulness practice.


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Working exclusively with Acast across the podcast series, Jennifer Dollard, Acast’s Content Manager for Ireland said 'Where Is My Mind? is such a beautifully-crafted podcast around mindfulness. It really taps into the power of podcasting – an intimate and engaging environment that helps you to switch off from the world around you. We’re proud to have such a progressive show as part of our network’.

The Where is my Mind? podcast series will be released weekly on Mondays and is available on Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other channels.


Halloween is upon us, and so, we have decided to switch up our listening material. 

We scoured the SHEmazing HQ to discover our favourite podcasts focusing on horror, true crime and freaky fiction.

Check out the top 5 below: 

The No Sleep Podcast

No Sleep does exactly what it says on the tin – you'll be tossing and turing all night after listening to these terrible tales. 

This podcast coveres scary works of fiction – from murders to monsters to ghosts to just plain old unsettling events. 

Generation Why 

Generation Why is basically the don of all true crime podcasts. 

Covering murders and strange disappearances, the dastardly duo who present each episode delve deep into the underbelly of disturbed human behavior with each episode. 

Australian True Crime

Is there anything more terrifying than true crime? 

As well as divulging the details of some of Australia's most horrifying murders, the podcast also examines difficult subjects like sexual offences and drug-related crime.

My Favourite Murder

Presented by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, this podcast examines various macabre murders. 

The pair clearly have an intense interest in the subject, and rely on their knowledge and chemistry to make each podcast completely hilarious. 

Serial Killers

Serial Killers, hosted by true crime enthusiasts Greg and Vanessa, covers some of the most chilling cases ever recorded.

From the Chessboard Killer Alexander Pichushkin to the notorious Ted Bundy, the podcast explores the in-depth psychology of the criminal mind.


Harry Potter is involved in all of our most beloved childhood memories, from queuing up at midnight to get a copy of the latest book, to staying up late with a flashlight under the covers trying to finish a particularly riveting chapter.

The books brought joy and magic to so many people, that even twenty years after the first book came out, the wizarding world still captures the imaginations of children and adults alike.

Here are a few of our favourite magical Harry Potter podcasts to get your Fizzing Whizzbee fix: 

5. MuggleCast

MuggleCast has been podcasting about the Harry Potter series since 2005, so these witches and warlocks know what they're talking about.

The cast chat about the latest Harry Potter, Cursed Child, and Fantastic Beasts news and theories, and discuss everything about the fandom.

4. The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters is run by (yep, you guessed it) two sisters, who have loved Harry Potter since the day the first book was released. 

Their love for HP is clear in the podcasts, which brings the long-distance sisters together every week to discuss their favourite topic.

3. Yer A Wizard Harry: The Harry Potter Bookclub

The trio who run this podcast discuss the different events in Harry Potter, and compare them to modern event.

It's all about what we can learn from the texts, while enjoying the podcasters commentary.

2. Witch Please

Witch Please is a fortnightly podcast discussing various elements of the Harry Potter world. 

The un-scripted nature of this female creation is what makes it so magical. 

1. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

"Just as Christians read the Bible, Jews the Torah and Muslims read the Quran, we are embarking on a 199-episode journey (one chapter an episode, to be released weekly) to glean what wisdom and meaning we can make from J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels," reads this unique podcasts bio.

Each week, a chapter of the book is read through the lens of a particular theme, from friendship to envy, making it a very interesting listening experience. 



True crime podcasts are our favourite pastime pursuit.

We have previously compiled a list of some of our favourite podcasts documenting crimes throughout the ages, but you guys had a few recommendations for us, so we’ve decided to create a part two.

Here are five true crime must-listens recommended by SHEmazing readers:


Criminal is often hailed as the creme de la creme of criminal podcasts.

The long-running podcast covers a myriad of crimes from multiple angles, the psychological, the historical and the personal.

It has won awards and continues to capture the minds of true-crime zealots world wide.

Court Junkie

Court Junkie deals with intrinsically complex and interesting cases of true crime.

The show discusses conspiracies of unsolved crimes and delves into the details of solved cases.

As well as dealing with murder cases, the hosts also explore issues such as hazing, sexual battery and missing people.

Sword & Scale

Sword & Scale investigates mysterious true cases and included interviews with the people involved.

With almost 100 episodes to choose from, this veteran podcast doesn’t hold back as it divulges some of the most gruesome details of cases new and old.

Serial Killers

Serial Killers, hosted by true crime enthusiasts Greg and Vanessa, covers some of the most chilling cases ever recorded.

From the Chessboard Killer Alexander Pichushkin to the notorious Ted Bundy, the podcast explores the in-depth psychology of the criminal mind.

They also use chilling real recordings of the murderers discussing their crimes.

True Crime Garage

True Crime Garage is one of the more laid back podcasts on this list.

As the name suggests, the hosts of this podcast record the show casually, in the garage over a few bottles of beer.

The duo give further insight into the most harrowing of tales, and their commentary is always unique and insightful.