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Ariana Grande is releasing a new docu-series, Dangerous Woman Diaries, in which she opens up about her emotions surrounding the "horrendous" terrorist bombing at her concert in Manchester last year.

Grande has spoken before about how the event has forever changed her, and she has now penned a letter expressing her devastation one year on from the heart-breaking tragedy.

The global pop sensation had only just finished her set at the Manchester Arena in May of 2017 when a bomb was detonated in the foyer, killing 22 people as they were leaving the concert and injuring another 500.

She has chosen to share a highly personal letter to her fans, and the series has already released four episodes, the final one depicting her pain and sorrow after the incident.

"I'm writing to you this February 22, 2018," she writes. "It's been eight months since the attack at our show at the Manchester Arena. It's impossible to know where to start or to know what to say about this part."

"May 22, 2017, will leave me speechless and filled with questions for the rest of my life."

"Music is an escape," she continued. "Music is the safest thing I've ever known. Music—pop music, stan culture—is something that brings people together, introduces them to some of their best friends, and makes them feel like they can be themselves."

"It is comfort. It is fun. It is expression. It is happiness. It is the last thing that would ever harm someone. It is safe."

"When something so opposite and so poisonous takes place in your world that is supposed to be everything but that…It is shocking and heartbreaking in a way that seems impossible to fully recover from."


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Though Grande was thankfully unharmed physically in the attack, she has described her symptoms of PTSD following the bombing.

She boarded a private plan to Florida, so she could be with her grandmother, before co-organising the One Love Manchester concert for victims and their families, where herself and then-boyfriend Mac Miller performed.

Her fans will now get a behind -the-scenes look at the concert, with footage of Ari singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to be aired.

Her letter went on to preach about the power of not letting hate win in times like these:

"The spirit of the people of Manchester, the families affected by this horrendous tragedy, and my fans around the world have permanently impacted all of us for the rest of our lives. Their love, strength, and unity showed me, my team, my dancers, band, and entire crew not to be defeated."

"To continue during the scariest and saddest of times. To not let hate win. But instead, love as loudly as possible, and to appreciate every moment."


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"The people of Manchester were able to change an event that portrayed the worst of humanity into one that portrayed the most beautiful of humanity."

"'Like a hand print on my heart,' she quoted, using her favourite musical Wicked as inspiration;

 "I think of Manchester constantly and will carry this with me every day for the rest of my life."



231 people have died and a further 275 are said to be injured after a truck bomb exploded in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

In what is understood to be the deadliest attack ever witnessed in the African nation, a bomb detonated outside the Safari Hotel at the K5 intersection – an area home to government buildings as well as a number of restaurants and kiosks.

According to reports, a separate blast struck the Medina district just two hours later.

Officials fear the death toll will continue to rise, with many civilians and volunteers still missing.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared three days of mourning and is urging people to donate blood for the wounded victims. "I am appealing all Somali people to come forward and donate," he said.

Somalia's government blamed the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabaab extremist group for the attack, though it has yet to claim the responsibility.

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Reports are emerging this morning that Norwegian police found and defused a bomb outside an underground train station in Oslo.

Officers had to evacuate the station, late-night bars and restaurants as the bomb disposal team made their way to the scene.

Norwegian police chief, Vidar Pedersen, said the device was initially described as "bomb-like", and it turned out to be an explosive.

However, the chief would not give out any other information about the device or the suspect.

No injuries were reported.



With security at heightened levels across Europe in the aftermath of the Paris killings, the HDI Arena in Hannover is currently being evacuated of spectators. 

The German national team – also caught up in the Stade du France explosions on Friday – were due to play The Netherlands in an international friendly game there.

A suspicious object was found before the game, and authorities in Germany, acting on intelligence information, have further reason to believe that the Hannover stadium might be the latest Isis terrorist target.

An official police announcement made in the stadium told football fans to "move away from the stadium. Do not stand still."

Kick-off was due to take place at 8.30pm local time [7.30pm Irish time]. 

Germany's decision to go ahead with their fixture against Holland was seen as an act of sporting defiance in the face of the atrocities in France.

Meanwhile, also tonight, France visit England at Wembley.



A Dublin man who made not one, but TWO hoax bomb calls – so his friend could skip work – has been ordered to carry out 200 hours community service.

Colin Hammond's actions led to the shut down of a motorway, disrupted air traffic control and also stopped 4,000 Intel employees going to work.

The 21-year-old said he'd been drinking and taking drugs with a friend who paid him €30 (yes, all of this for 30 quid) to make the calls to Intel in Leixlip in January 2015.

Colin, who lives in Balbriggan, admitted to making two 999 phone calls claiming he was from the Islamic State and there were bombs at the Intel headquarters which would go off in 12 hours.

He described his actions as "profoundly stupid" in court today. Instead of two years in jail, Mr Hammond must serve 200 hours of community service.