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Roxanne Pallett made Celebrity Big Brother 2018 on to remember.

The former Emmerdale actor caused uproar when she falsely accused Corrie star Ryan Thomas of intentionally punching her.

It was only that it happened in the Big Brother house and Ryan's actions were caught on camera that his career isn't over. 

The footage shows Ryan playfully punching Roxanne on the ribs, barely even touching her.

Now the 36-year-old, who has been a recluse for the last year, has come out and revealed that she has PTSD. 


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She told Closer magazine, ''I had feelings of paranoia and feared something bad would happen to me. When the phone rang, I’d feel sick.''

She continued, ''If I passed someone on the street, I was convinced they meant me harm. I was told that people were saying they wanted to throw acid in my face and that I was more hated than a murderer."

After she left the CBB house and faced the massive backlash, Roxanne deleted her social media – and her engagement to fiance Lee Walton came to an end.

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However, she is now seeing a therapist regularly, taking anti-depressants that are helping her to deal with what happened in the house.

Roxanne stresses that she deeply regrets her actions.

She said, ''I absolutely regret what happened on the show, one hundred percent. I got it monumentally wrong, and I’m sorry to Ryan and his family, for the pain I inflicted on him and others who were watching.''

She continued, ''I think it’s important when you’ve done something wrong, that you immediately hold your hands up and make sure everyone knows you’re sorry."It will take a long time for her accusations to be forgotten but at least she is getting the help that she needs. 


Ariana Grande is releasing a new docu-series, Dangerous Woman Diaries, in which she opens up about her emotions surrounding the "horrendous" terrorist bombing at her concert in Manchester last year.

Grande has spoken before about how the event has forever changed her, and she has now penned a letter expressing her devastation one year on from the heart-breaking tragedy.

The global pop sensation had only just finished her set at the Manchester Arena in May of 2017 when a bomb was detonated in the foyer, killing 22 people as they were leaving the concert and injuring another 500.

She has chosen to share a highly personal letter to her fans, and the series has already released four episodes, the final one depicting her pain and sorrow after the incident.

"I'm writing to you this February 22, 2018," she writes. "It's been eight months since the attack at our show at the Manchester Arena. It's impossible to know where to start or to know what to say about this part."

"May 22, 2017, will leave me speechless and filled with questions for the rest of my life."

"Music is an escape," she continued. "Music is the safest thing I've ever known. Music—pop music, stan culture—is something that brings people together, introduces them to some of their best friends, and makes them feel like they can be themselves."

"It is comfort. It is fun. It is expression. It is happiness. It is the last thing that would ever harm someone. It is safe."

"When something so opposite and so poisonous takes place in your world that is supposed to be everything but that…It is shocking and heartbreaking in a way that seems impossible to fully recover from."


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Though Grande was thankfully unharmed physically in the attack, she has described her symptoms of PTSD following the bombing.

She boarded a private plan to Florida, so she could be with her grandmother, before co-organising the One Love Manchester concert for victims and their families, where herself and then-boyfriend Mac Miller performed.

Her fans will now get a behind -the-scenes look at the concert, with footage of Ari singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to be aired.

Her letter went on to preach about the power of not letting hate win in times like these:

"The spirit of the people of Manchester, the families affected by this horrendous tragedy, and my fans around the world have permanently impacted all of us for the rest of our lives. Their love, strength, and unity showed me, my team, my dancers, band, and entire crew not to be defeated."

"To continue during the scariest and saddest of times. To not let hate win. But instead, love as loudly as possible, and to appreciate every moment."


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"The people of Manchester were able to change an event that portrayed the worst of humanity into one that portrayed the most beautiful of humanity."

"'Like a hand print on my heart,' she quoted, using her favourite musical Wicked as inspiration;

 "I think of Manchester constantly and will carry this with me every day for the rest of my life."


Ariana Grande reveals that she has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in light of the Manchester attacks.

Just over a year later, she opened up to British Vogue about the aftermath of the fateful night. 

The singer said she felt guilty for having the disorder due to the 22 people who lost their lives after her concert.

"It’s hard to talk about because so many people have suffered such severe, tremendous loss. But, yeah, it’s a real thing," said the 24-year-old.  


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Ariana continued to explain that she can't even talk about that night without crying.

"I know those families and my fans, and everyone there experienced a tremendous amount of it as well. Time is the biggest thing.

'I feel like I shouldn’t even be talking about my own experience—like I shouldn’t even say anything. I don’t think I’ll ever know how to talk about it and not cry,” she added.


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On May 22, 2017, sadly 22 people lost their lives and a further 59 were injured when the singer's concert was targeted by terrorists. 

To mark the one year anniversary of the incident, the pop-star took to Twitter saying: 

"Thinking of you all today and every day I love you with all of me and am sending you all of the light and warmth I have to offer on this challenging day."


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The artist also honoured the victims by getting a tattoo of the bee, which has been a symbol for Manchester since the 1800s and gained popularity after the attacks.

The bee was often seen along with slogans "we stand together", "no fear here", and "unity is strength". 



This week, Lady Gaga wrote an open letter about her history with PTSD.

Then, Piers Morgan, as usual, supplied his Twitter feed with commentary on PTSD, saying that he believes it's only for the likes of war veterans.

This obviously didn't sit right with Gaga, and she tweeted Piers, saying that she has worked with many people on the issue, one being Joe Biden, and is thoroughly educated with it.

Piers believes that it has become the latest "celebrity accessory," and these celebs don't have anything concrete to back up their claims.

Gaga then said that if anyone in Piers' family suffers from PTSD, she prays for them.

And now, the debate is on.


Lady Gaga just rocked an epic performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and her latest album is dominating the charts, but the singer just revealed that she struggles daily with a serious mental health issue.

The pop star wrote an open letter to her fans about her issues with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on her Born This Way Foundation website. 


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"There is a lot of shame attached to mental illness, but it’s important that you know that there is hope and a chance for recovery."

"It is a daily effort for me to regulate my nervous system so that I don’t panic over circumstances that to many would seem like normal life situations," wrote the star.


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Lady Gaga reflected on an incident during her Born This Way Ball tour where she became injured after pushing herself during the performances, and credits the mental and physical trauma of the incident to her disorder.

"I was overworked and not taken seriously when I shared my pain and concern that something was wrong. I ultimately ended up injured on the Born This Way Ball."

"That moment and the memory of it has changed my life forever.  The experience of performing night after night in mental and physical pain ingrained in me a trauma that I relive when I see or hear things that remind me of those days," she wrote.


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The final words of the open letter were contributed by her psychologist, who encouraged anyone suffering from mental illness to seek the help they need:

 "No one’s invisible pain should go unnoticed."


In May 2015 David Beckham made his Instagram debut with a sexy selfie, and ever since we’ve been reverting back to our early Man U state of infatuation with the famous footballer.

But as well as sharing selfies, glimpses of his family life and pictures where he just looks like a total babe, the 41-year-old has been using his Insta profile to raise awareness of some very important causes.

Yesterday the dad of four shared a video with his 29 million followers in which he performs 22 press-ups while flying at 45,000 feet.


Nap time

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Nominated by his “lovely friend” Guy Richie, the former England captain explains that the filmed exercise is part of a programme which aims to highlight the frightening levels of suicide among soldiers who’ve returned home from duty overseas.

Alongside the post, he wrote: “So my lovely friend Mr Guy Richie the film maker and supreme athlete has nominated me to do 22 press ups consecutively for 22 days (and by the way his challenge was that I do my first lot at 44,000 feet as he knows I’m travelling).”

“22 service men kill themselves post conflict…22 a day, basically 1 an hour.  So I am doing what Guy R, Jason S and Charlie H are doing and supporting, respecting and appreciating all the service men and women and their sacrifice.”

Just another reason to love DB.