Women don't always have time to shave their legs — and frankly, sometimes we just don't want to.

Taking care of body hair is a personal choice, one that actress and singer Bella Thorne was shamed for by online trolls this week. 

One "fan" posted photos of the 19-year-old on Twitter, complimenting her but at the same time slating her for not shaving her legs.

The photos, which have since been deleted, were zoomed in on the star's calves and lower legs to show that she had some body hair there.

The tweet described Bella as “hot beautiful sexy perf” but then said "wtf SHAVE YOUR LEGS.”

The star clapped back at the hater, and replied with an adamant "NEVER," in a tweet that was liked over six thousand times.


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Other social media followers were quick to point out that it is a woman's own choice to shave or not to shave, and called the troll out for his "misogeny."

"You guys can walk with legs like that but girls can't? She can do whatever she wants this is not your business," said one.

"Since when is it ok to tell people what they can do with their bodies?" said another.