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The first time I got lip fillers, it was in the height of the post Kylie Jenner era, when the makeup mogul was renowned for capitalising on her penchant for an aesthetician's assistance. 

For most of us mere mortals who have sought the assistance of the aestheticians needle, it's about creating an adjustment that makes you look (in your mind) better, rather than turning you into a celebrity Doppelganger.

While the Kardashians may have catapulted fillers into the lime light, people have been utilising them for decades to make tweaks to their faces, bringing them more in line with what humans scientifically consider ideal beauty – which all comes down to youth and symmetry.  


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With the popularity of injectables remaining high, despite the 'Kylie Jenner effect' losing it's power over the beauty standards of the nation, it's essential that the women (and men) of Ireland who seek to boost their pouts have a same and specialised environment in which to do so. 

Late last year, Thérapie Clinic launched a brand new, city centre clinic that exclusively offers injectable treatments – while their other clinics also offer hair removal and skin procedures, the newly opened South William Street Clinic has a strict focus on creating facial perfection through injectables like botox. 

Having an unashamed fondness for filler myself, I decided that for my next treatment under the needle, I would scope out Thérapie's new offering 


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As well as injectable treatments, skincare puritans can snap up at-home products from Environ, Murad and Image – and on arrival at the new clinic, you're instantly greeted by a glossy wall unit showcasing the best that Irish skincare has to offer. 

Guided through to the waiting room after checking in at the podium desk, where I was greeted by an exceptionally friendly woman who had an impressive amount of positive energy for 6pm in the evening, the decor was stylishly bright and minimalist. 

While waiting, I helped myself to the cucumber infused water-pitcher on the table, before I was quickly whisked away to one of the consultation rooms. If you have had fillers before, you will be well versed in the form-reading and box ticking portion of the event, but in case you're not: As lip fillers require medically trained application, there are a few health and lifestyle forms to fill out, as well as a general form for the clinic's records. You will be asked to write down your expectations of results, whether you are pregnant and what injectables you have had previously, as well as a selection of other questions. If you're a first timer, don't worry, at Thérapie one of the gorge gals who keep things running is on hand to answer any queries you have about the forms in a private consultation room. 


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After the forms, I was escorted into the procedure room, where I was greeted by Dr Rua, who's glowing-from-within complexion is probably the best advertisement I've ever seen for good quality skincare. 

We chatted about what kind of look I wanted to achieve, before she discussed what would be realistic for my face. Her goal is for each of her patients to leave looking fresh and lifted, rather than over-done or with lips or cheeks that are detectably 'filled.' 

We settled on a full ml of Juvaderm filler – some patients have unrealistic expectations with the amounts of filler that can be used. A reputable aesthetician will use no more than 1-2mls maximum in the lips at one time, depending on the person. More than that, and it's impossible for even the expert administrator to predict what the final look will be. 

Fillers and botox should only ever be administered by a registered dentist, doctor or nurse – and unskilled hand delivering injectables can cause havoc by hitting one of the tiny veins or arteries in the massive network or vessels which reside in the lips and face. With fillers like Juvaderm available to purchase on the internet, it' vital to make sure the technician you are seeing is registered and had a medical background. 

I've previously had 1 and half mls of Restylane filler in my lips (1ml injected first, then another half months later) so Dr Rua first needed to assess where that product sat in my lips before deciding where she would be sculpting and adding volume. 


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One week after the procedure – still very swollen but healed

The numbing cream had been applied in the consultation room, and once I was comfortably lying back in the chair, she set to work. I find fillers quite painful, but Dr Rua was exceptionally gentle, and chatted to me throughout, making the entire process go by much faster. I have asymmetry in my lips, with one side of my top lip being thinner than the other side – a feature I've covered up with lip liner for many years, and Dr Rua aimed to correct that asymmetry as well as making the lips bigger.

As soon as we were done, I was handed the mirror to take a peek at my improved lips – and I was honestly floored at the results. Through the slight redness and swelling, I could instantly see that there was a subtle but perfectly executed difference in my lips. They were balanced and pouty without being bee-stung. 

Costing between €200 and €300, lip fillers are definitely costly, but worth it in my books. 


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Before any lip fillers

I was given plenty of aftercare instructions, and was warned that there was a chance of further swelling and bruising. I also had picked up the IMAGE Skincare Ormedic Balancing Lip Complex, which helps after lip fillers to replenish moisture and enhance the results. 

I slept slightly elevated that night, as I experienced some serious swelling int he hours after my procedure, with the side of my lip we had focused more heavily on to correct the asymmetry becoming more swollen as a response. 

In the aftermath, it took about two weeks for my lips to fully settle, which is to be expected, and once the asymmetrical swelling had subdued, revealed underneath was a pair of perfectly balanced and strikingly full lips (if I may say so myself). 

I opted in for a follow-up appointment with Dr Rua a few weeks later, and after an examination, she couldn't have been happier with the results (same, gal).

Discussing the beauty standards that has led so many women to going under the needle, Dr Rua explained that many women think they need far more work done than they really do: 'When you ask a girl to rate her facial beauty, she will always say a 5 or a 6.'

However, when you really look at someone's face, they may only want for one tiny tweak here or a small lift there, so they're actually coming into the clinic an 8, and leave looking and feeling like what a 10 means to them.

As beauty is subjective and not everyone prescribes to the same standards or aesthetic 'look,' the goal at Thérapie Clinic is not to create a sea of homogenous 'Instagram-perfect' faces, but to improve and hone the natural beauty everyone already has – which is why I'm already scheduled back in for a top up. 



While facial cosmetic procedures may seem extreme to some, new research shows that Irish people are having more and more aesthetic work done – as long as the enhancement comes from the end of a needle.

Social media saturation, heightened self awareness of our own image and selfies are all being blamed for the trend in botox and lip fillers, which has seen a massive spike on Irish shores

According to new research from Thérapie Clinic, the majority of Irish people already have or would consider getting Botox or fillers, a whopping 68%.


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A further 1 in 10 (11%) say they have actually already had Botox or fillers.

This is a massive doubling of procedures over a three year period, as Thérapie Clinic's research in 2015 found that only 5% of people had filler or Botox work done.

'The research we have conducted has shown that, across Ireland, people are becoming increasingly inclined towards the use of Botox and fillers and less inclined towards feeling ashamed or stigmatised for getting these treatments,' said Thérapie Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Paul Reddy.

'Botox and fillers may not be for everyone, but for some people, these treatments can make a real positive impact to a person’s self-image and confidence.'


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A further 60% said that they knew or suspected that a friend or colleague had had fillers or botox.

A huge factor when it comes to aesthetic work for Irish people is the reputation of the clinic. 96% would only consider a reputable clinic for getting work done.

Nurses should be registered with the Nursing And Midwifery Board Of Ireland(NMBI), dentists with The Irish Dental Council (IDC) and doctors with The Irish Medical Council.


Have the credentials to be an aesthetician? Or the skills to manage a busy team?

Thérapie Clinic, are launching a brand new, city centre clinic focused purely on injectable treatments, to meet Ireland's demand for fillers.

The Thérapie Aesthetic Clinic will open on South William Street next month, an area that's quickly gaining a reputation as Dublin's beauty epicentre, with an array of clinics, eyebrow studios and wax nail and lash salons.


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The clinic will be recruiting 20 new team members for the soon to open facility – so spruce up those C.Vs.

The clinic will only cater to those looking for injectable fillers and treatments, which is no surprise after the huge leap in the popularity of lip fillers.

The trend skyrocketed in early 2015, just after cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner admitted to her penchant for the procedure.

However, the current obsession with lip fillers is not limited to a niche market.



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Indeed, women from all walks of life, from nurses and models to CEOs and students, are all opting to get in on the trend, but it's particularly widespread among younger Irish women.

'We've had unprecedented growth for Thérapie Clinic this year as we have grown our offering in both the UK and Ireland,' said Thérapie Clinic CEO, Phillip McGlade.

'We are opening the new Thérapie Aesthetic Clinic in a bid to meet rapidly increasing customer demand for Botox and fillers in Ireland.

We have seen this area of our business triple in the past few months, with thousands of new customers coming in over the summer for Botox and filler treatments.'

'To be able to launch an exclusive, facial aesthetics clinic is a great milestone for us and we look forward to working with new recruits and meeting new customers.'

Head over to www.therapieclinic.com for all the details.


A recent survey has concluded that Irish men really don't like excess body hair on women. 

According to the Therapie Clinic who conducted the survey, nearly three-quarters of the 254 men questioned said that they would most likely not date a woman who failed to take care of her body hair. 


Furthermore, 52% said they disliked hair on women and a further half said they would actively encourage women to get their body hair removed. 

And while it would be very easy to start giving out about Irish men at this point, it seems that Irish women can be equally critical. 

Only 6% of surveyed women admitted they found very hairy chests attractive and the majority said they found excess back hair to be extremely off-putting. 

And it seems that 4 out of every 10 women would encourage their man to tame his bodily hair. 

Yep, while we do not like these results, it seems that the women are just as bad as the men for encouraging grooming.