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Does anyone else agree that those weird military style shoulder buttons on your jacket are totally pointless?

Well, apparently they've held a purpose this entire time… our minds are more than a little bit blown.

A woman has kindly revealed this fact to those in the Twittersphere, and the internet has lost it's sanity as a result:

 So, you mean to tell us that our bags are actually meant to sit on our shoulders… and not fall off?

But, is this not impossible? Like a long lost wish from an apparel genie?

Francheska Horsburgh, 18, from Cumbria has caused a minor meltdown with this information, and the photo has now been liked over 78,000 times. Good God. 

What many people don't realise is that this style of shoulder feature is actually a military throwback.

Back in the day, these bad boys used to hold ammunition bandoliers, back packs and bayonets in place. They were also a sign of your military rank or insignia.

See gals, we can learn something new every day. 

Drop this knowledge on your fellow gals and we guarantee they'll be SHOOKETH.

Feature image: Gyfcat


Get ready to wipe those jaws off the floor as tonight's Love Island looks SAVAGE.

After the Islanders' waved bye-bye to Ellie and Charlie last night, it almost looked as if they took a sign of relief to still be in the villa.

However, I did say – ALMOST. 

Love Island bosses being the cheeky little devils they are have thrown in a major turn of events for two couples.

In the first peek at tonight's episode, Love Island host Caroline Flacks announces to Wes and Meghan, Georgia and Sam that they are not safe.

Their fate in the villa remains with their fellow islanders.

“Islanders you must now decide as a group who should remain as a couple in the villa. Who do you think has the potential to go the distance? Who do you believe in as a couple?” Caroline explained.


After the Islanders' pick who they want to save, the drama really got underway as the host revealed the real twist.

“You haven’t been saved by the public or your fellow Islanders. Therefore, you cannot stay on Love Island as a couple.

"This doesn’t have to be the end of your Love Island journey. It’s a huge decision, it’s either split up and remain in the villa or stay together and leave. Before you make that decision, I can tell you there are two new boys and two new girls waiting to enter the villa today.

"If you decide to split up and stay on the Island, you will each date two new Islanders and head back to the villa. You will decide who to couple up with on the next recoupling. But you can’t be with each other."

Cue to entrance of two new boys and two new girls.

Tonight's show will be the MOTHER of all twists and one not to miss. 




Jonah Hill has landed himself in serious trouble after using a homophobic slur against a photographer.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor was walking in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles when he was followed by a paparazzo.

In the TMZ video, the photographer can be heard slagging Jonah about his shorts, saying: “I like the short though, bro. They are pretty sexy.”

A few minutes later, he wishes the actor a good day, to which Jonah is heard replying, “S*** my d***, you f****t.”

Though Jonah’s face is not seen in the shot when the slur is shouted, it has been reported that the voice it is that of Jonah Hill.

Hmm, we know it’s never easy to deal with paparazzi, but surely this wasn’t the wisest reaction.

Update: Jonah Hill has issued an apology for his use of a homophobic slur, saying: “What I said in that moment was a disgusting and a hurtful term. Instead, I use a word I don’t use in my personal life, it’s not part of my vernacular. I’m happy to take the heat for using this disgusting word … It would break my heart for anyone to think I would be against anyone for their sexuality.”

Jonah also said that he had been followed by the paparazzo in question all day and is upset with himself for losing his cool.

Do you think Jonah’s apology is enough?



There has been significant backlash against this campaign in which pancreatic cancer sufferers say they wish they had other forms of cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Action, the group behind the ads have said: “All cancer is dreadful and this campaign is not suggesting that anyone’s suffering resulting from cancer is worse than another’s. It simply expresses the real thoughts and feelings of many pancreatic cancer patients.”

The group has also said that their campaigns express “how it feels to be diagnosed with a disease that leaves you with no hope at all”.

Have a look and see what you think.