Taylor Swift fans don’t recognise her after shocking makeover


Where is the girl-next-door version of Taylor Swift we’re used to seeing?!

The 24-year-old singing superstar could be seen showing off a much darker side in a just-released poster for the upcoming summer sci-fi flick The Giver.

The 24-year-old has a smoldering look on her face and has not only traded in her blonde locks, but also the signature bright red lips she rocks every day!

Taylor plays Rosemary, the mentor of the Giver himself, played by Jeff Bridges.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening to me,” Taylor said about the role.

“I learned so much,” she added while working with the A-list cast including Jeff, Katie Holmes and Meryl Streep.

Some of Taylor’s fan took to Twitter on the release of the poster to say they weren’t too sure of the singer’s transformation for the movie.

“Didn’t recognise her. Bring back the blonde!” one fan tweeted.

“What have you done to Taylor?!” another said.

We quite like the darker style!