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Tom Brady’s daughter is a total daddy's girl and we love it!

Little Vivian couldn’t be prouder of her father, the quarterback for the NFL Patriots.

Last year, he led the New England team to victory in the biggest US football showdown of all time – the 2017 Superbowl.

And this year, she has no doubt that her dad will do it all again as she cheers him on from the sidelines.

Her mum, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, shared the sweetest photo of the father-daughter duo on Instagram.

Dressed in his football uniform, the father takes a knee to be at eye-level with his little girl.

The two are smiling at each other, head-to-head, as she passes on some good luck vibes to her dad.

“When they say little girls own their daddies. It’s true!!” her mum captioned the picture.

“We are all cheering for you my love , have fun!”


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Vivian looks adorable in her pink My Little Pony dress, and long blonde hair, which she definitely gets from her mum.

But her smile is identical to her father’s, showing off all her pearly whites in the moment of pure happiness.

Gisele and Tom also share a son named Benjamin that loves attending as many of his daddy’s games as he can.


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Moments like these are a great way of keeping Tom focused on what really matters at the end of the day.

Win or lose, he will always have his loving family to come home to.

And how cute are Tom and Vivian together! #fatherdaughtergoals


Contrary to some reports during the week, it would seem that Gisele Bündchen and husband Tom Brady are not going to be splitting up anytime soon.

The 35-year old supermodel was spotted visiting the NFL player as he got back to training with his team in Massachusetts this week.

During the week a judge overturned the New England Patriots quarterback’s suspension from the sport. The so-called ‘Deflatgate’ scandal concerned the allegations that Tom had tampered with footballs used in last year’s American football championship. Tom’s team had gone on to win the Superbowl.

The ruling, which NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is said to be appealing, did not explicitly state whether or not Tom did actually tamper with the balls.

Throughout the proceedings this week, media outlets were speculating that Gisele and Tom’s marriage was in danger of breaking down. The model’s absence from social media however was broken earlier today.


and my heart melts …#biggestlove #family e meu coração se derrete #amormaior #família

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She posted a sweet message on Instagram as she shared a photo of Tom and their son Benji playing soccer.

A source close to the Brazilian model has reportedly told People that the couple are “living their life, and they’re doing great.”

This comes after rumours were circulating that the scandal had put a strain on their marriage. It had been reported that Gisele has met with a divorce lawyer with an insider claiming that relations between the pair were “very tense right now.”

“This could be the end of them,” a source reportedly told Us Weekly.


We think we have suffered enough of celeb break-ups lately!

From J-Law and Chris Martin to Zayn and Perry… it seems like the heartache will never stop.

And now there's a new rumoured split in the hills of starville – supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her athlete hubby Tom Brady. 

There has been a lot of speculation about Gisele and Tom's marriage of late as the couple haven't been photographed together for months. 

Gisele was even a no-show for her husband's Patriots pre-season game two weeks ago. 

A source told US website People, that their relationship has been rocky of late following the NFL player's deflategate controversy – it was revealed earlier this year that officials at his club were deliberately deflating footballs to their team's advantage and Tom was deemed to have know about the practice.

He later received a four-match ban as punishment but the widespread discussion on the matter continues in the US.

"There have been a lot of stresses in their marriage in the last year, especially during football season," says a source, adding that he can be "nasty and cold" when engrossed in his own problems.

"Tom is singularly focused on his career and sometimes Gisele feels left out. There have been arguments."

As one of the hottest couples on earth, not to mention parents to two small children, we really hope the pair can work out their marriage troubles. 


She’s celebrated as one of the world’s most beautiful people – not to mention the only woman, it is rumoured, who ever truly captured Leonardo Dicaprio’s heart.

Now happily married to the almost equally-as-gorgeous-as-she-is athlete Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen recently retired from the catwalk to focus on other endeavours.

Still, it seems that she still feels the pressure to look her very best at all times… she’s been spotted sneaking into a Paris plastic surgeon, supposedly for €10,000 worth of procedures on her breasts and eyes.

In a bid to go unnoticed, she wore a full Muslim burqa – but, significantly, failed to remove her open-toed sandals, something of a no-no for strict adherents of the Islam faith.

The Brazilian’s long-time chauffeur was also spotted dropping her off and collecting her from the swish International Clinique du Parc Monceau. AND she was accompanied by her 29-year-old sister, Rafaela – who also reportedly had surgical procedures carried out.

The duo were staying at the five-star Bristol Hotel.

A source told Page Six, which broke the story, that the former Victoria’s Secret Angel had been concerned that her breasts had sagged after having two children – and that a boob job and eye-lift were 35th-birthday and post-retirement presents to herself.

Page Six also says that the surgery was carried on July 15, with the two women afterwards recuperating at the exclusive Les Sources de Caudalie spa for five days, before then leaving Paris.

The catwalk queen made €43m last year alone, according to Forbes, and remains the world’s highest-paid model.

The move has caused controversy in France, however, not least because the country banned the wearing of burqas in public places back in 2010. 

Many strict Muslims see it as an important guarantor of modesty — and its abuse during Ramadan, which only concluded on July 17, may be offensive.

Indeed, a clerk at the Islam Fashion store in New York called the stunt “disrespectful," in conversation with Page Six.

"This is a religious garment. It’s not so you can hide when you’re going for a doctor’s appointment," they explained.



It seems like supermodel Gisele Bundchen just can’t get enough of her hubby!

The stunning Brazilian posted an Instagram snap of herself with hubby Tom Brady sharing a lingering kiss yesterday, to celebrate his 37th birthday.

The 34-year-old model captioned the pic, “Happy birthday my love! Missing you so much… Te amo!!!'

Seemingly apart on the special day, Gisele clearly wanted to send her husband of five years a reminder of what he was missing.

We’re pretty sure he got the message Gisele!