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'One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain'

The now iconic lyrics of Ariana Grande's new HELLA SPICY self-love song that has shaken the globe.

The tune features lines about her last four serious ex-boyfriends: Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, Big Sean and of course, Pete Davidson.

TBH we all expected her to shrow some (lamp) shade all around, especially seeing as Pete Davidson recently made a far-too-soon joke about their engagement, but Ari took the highest road of all, and said 'Thank you, next' to immaturity.

She's a far bigger person than we are, morally, that's for sure.

We've taken the liberty to dig up the most hilarious 'Thank You, next' memes on the net, and boy have we hit the jackpot of comedy. Buckle up, lads.

1. Shrek is love, Shrek is life. Apparently Ariana Grande fans concur with this statement? Who knew.

2. The twist on the most famous line from Notting Hill, and possibly one of the greatest Hugh Grant rom-com quotes, was tweeted by Ari herself. Though who would shrug off Julia Roberts? 

3. Sam Carmichael, Harry Bright and Bill Austin teaching us love, patience and pain… Mamma Mia just had to be included on this list didn't it? 

4. The sequel has inspired some of the greatest of all time (GOAT) memes, and it wasn't left out in this occasion either:

 5. Detective Hopper from Stranger Things (DK Harbour) absolutely annihilated the world's fandom feels with a single Instagram post=


One taught me love One taught me patience One taught me pain Happy #strangerthingsday

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6. This one any gal can relate to:

Pretty much just constant pain though… let's not lie to ourselves. 

7. What romantic triple threat could skip the Gilmore Girls? Those boys had our hearts, Jess was always our personal fave but WE LOVED THEM ALL. Who are we kidding?

8. Some gas folks out there decided to create a pun on Ariana's 'ex' and transform it somehow into an X-Men reference…

9. Milk politics was then brought into the equation (yep, really), where the eternal battle between dairy milk, oat milk and almond milk rages on=

10. Let us never forget the three brothers who raised us through the Disney years=

11. Last, but by all means not least, the Harry Potter edition featuring Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley and Harry=

 Those boys had us feeling all kinds of emotions, much like Ari's entire new album, Sweetener.

In light of everything Queen Grande been through over the last few years, Ariana makes sure to confirm to her fans that the most important relationship she has is with herself.

She's dead right, we say. As Ru Paul affirms: "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love anyone else?"

God is a woman, but these memes need their own religion.

Feature image: vmagazine.com



Four teenage girls who were caught in a rip current in Bundoran over the weekend are trying to make contact with the bodyboarders who rescued them.

The girls got into difficulty while swimming at a beach in the County Donegal town just after 6.30pm on Saturday.

According to The Irish Times, the group had been helped to safety by a number of bodyboarders before the Bundoran Lifeboat – which had been deployed after a member of the public called 999 – arrived on the scene.

The girls were airlifted to Sligo Hospital on a precautionary basis and have since been released.

They have asked for the bodyboarders to come forward so they can thank them in person.

The group can be contacted through the Bundoran Lifeboat Station Facebook page or email at bundoran@rnli.org.uk.

Feat image: Sanctuary Cove



Throughout the past month, the Star Wars cast and crew have been travelling around Ireland to shoot the eighth instalment of the film.

They have been to a fair few places, including Donegal, Kerry and then ended their trip in Crookhaven, West Cork.

It's a pretty big deal that one of the biggest movie franchises would choose Ireland to record the movie, but something that we never thought we'd see is a thank you note.

LucasFilm took out an ad in the Irish Examiner to thank the people in Cork, and by the looks of it they were pretty impressed by everyone in Crookhaven, Goleen and the Brow Head Peninsula:

They wrote: "We have been captivated by the landscape of the Wild Atlantic Way, it has provided a spectacular backdrop for our story.

"The tireless commitment of our Irish Crew, the enthusiasm and support of all the people of West Cork have made our Irish adventure one we will always treasure.

"Go mbeidh an fórsa leat!! – May the force be with you!!"

HOW LOVELY?! We're dying over here…