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How are we supposed to function in life knowing that there are kids a quarter of our age that dress ten times better than us? 

Though it does help that these kids have famous parents to fund and style their fashion furore, we are struggling to come to terms with this miserable truth. 

When North West stepped out this week in a sleeveless roll neck jumper, black ripped jeans, a pair of Converse and a cute purse slung expertly on her elbow, we almost had a bit of a wardrobe meltdown. 

After a minor nervous breakdown there was only one thing to do. Chart the famous little ones who are officially way better dressed than us, of course. 

1) Suri Cruise

Suri seems to have a pair of ballet pumps for all occasions and a serious amount of perfect girly dresses and skirts.

Oh and don't forget the coats to DIE for. 

2) The Beckham kids

There is simply no way of choosing the best dressed Beckham kid because they all look fabulous 100% of the time. We do have a soft spot for Romeo and his stellar trench coat collection though.

We also have a lot of time for poor aul Harper who has to contend with a serious amount of testosterone and still looks fabulous. 

3) Prince George 

Though not everyone might be a fan of George's royalty -appropriate attire, we think he pulls off preppy to perfection. 

And those cheeks! 

4) Blue Ivy Carter

When your mam happens to be Queen Bey, there is zero chance of you ever looking anything less than perfect.

We loves Blue's penchant for leather jackets over girly dresses. Pint-sized perfection. 

5) Landon and Alabama Barker 

With Blink 182's Travis Barket as their dad, these two came out of the womb looking like rock stars. Alabama, 9, was sporting pink hair before it was a thing and Landon is approximately 150% cooler than we will ever be. 

6) The Jolie- Pitt kids

We all know that the Jolie-Pitt kids can dress whatever way they like. Maybe that is why they always look awesome. 

We particularly enjoy Shiloh and Zahara who are both always killing it. 

7) Kingston, Apollo and Zuma Rossdale 

Gwne Stefani's sons have surfer dude style down to a T, and they even make casts look cool.

8) Mason Disick 

Last but not least, it's our fave little man and perhaps our favourite of the Kardashian offspring, Mason. 

How does he always look so dapper? 


Could Tom Cruise really be leaving the Church of Scientology?

For many years the 52-year-old has been the religion's biggest advocate. He is one of many celebrities that openly follow the church, alongside John Travolta, Beck, Kirstie Alley and many more.

However, three months ago a media storm clouded around the actor alleging that the religion was the reason that the Mission Impossible star hadn’t seen his daughter Suri in over a year.

But now, it's been reported that Mr Cruise has become aware of just how much he is missing in his 9-year-old daughter’s life and that he has realised Scientology is the reason for his absence.

An insider told Star magazine that a recent phone call between the father and daughter was what has made Tom consider leaving the church.

“She was going on and on about her ballet class and how much she loves it. That’s when Tom realised he’s never seen her perform ballet and he started to tear up,” the source revealed.

“It hit him that she’s growing up before his eyes and he’s not there to witness most of it. They talk on the phone and video chat, but it’s not the same.”

Tom divorced from Suri’s mother Katie Holmes in 2012 and it is widely believed that Scientology was the reason for their split.

The revelations concerning the Top Gun star being an absentee father were the result of the release of the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. The film took an in-depth look at the inner workings of the church. It was (unsurprisingly) instantly slammed by Scientologists after its release.

Speaking last April, Piers Morgan spoke about Tom and his relationship with his ex-wife. “My understanding is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise don’t even speak to each other.

“And she, I believe, is very concerned about the effect of the Church of Scientology on Tom Cruise.”

Well, we have no doubt that Katie will be only delighted if Tom manages to release himself from the clasp of the church in order to spend more time with their daughter. 



Suri Cruise is desperate to meet One Direction and wants her famous mum Katie Holmes to set it up.

The seven-year-old daughter of Katie and her ex-husband Tom Cruise, is said to have begged her mum to pull some strings so she can meet Harry and the boys.

Katie appears alongside singer Taylor Swift in her upcoming movie The Giver, which is said to have spurred Suri on as she knows the country star used to date 1D heartthrob Harry Styles.

The celebrity offspring is said to be so mad about the boy band that’s she’s already begged Katie to get their autographs and use her famous name to meet them.

Maybe Taylor Swift isn’t the best person to ask for a meet-up with the band.

Taylor and Harry had a fleeting romance in 2012 and her song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is said to be about him.

It’s worth a shot Suri!