What? Is Tom Cruise ACTUALLY doing this?

Could Tom Cruise really be leaving the Church of Scientology?

For many years the 52-year-old has been the religion's biggest advocate. He is one of many celebrities that openly follow the church, alongside John Travolta, Beck, Kirstie Alley and many more.

However, three months ago a media storm clouded around the actor alleging that the religion was the reason that the Mission Impossible star hadn’t seen his daughter Suri in over a year.

But now, it's been reported that Mr Cruise has become aware of just how much he is missing in his 9-year-old daughter’s life and that he has realised Scientology is the reason for his absence.

An insider told Star magazine that a recent phone call between the father and daughter was what has made Tom consider leaving the church.

“She was going on and on about her ballet class and how much she loves it. That’s when Tom realised he’s never seen her perform ballet and he started to tear up,” the source revealed.

“It hit him that she’s growing up before his eyes and he’s not there to witness most of it. They talk on the phone and video chat, but it’s not the same.”

Tom divorced from Suri’s mother Katie Holmes in 2012 and it is widely believed that Scientology was the reason for their split.

The revelations concerning the Top Gun star being an absentee father were the result of the release of the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. The film took an in-depth look at the inner workings of the church. It was (unsurprisingly) instantly slammed by Scientologists after its release.

Speaking last April, Piers Morgan spoke about Tom and his relationship with his ex-wife. “My understanding is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise don’t even speak to each other.

“And she, I believe, is very concerned about the effect of the Church of Scientology on Tom Cruise.”

Well, we have no doubt that Katie will be only delighted if Tom manages to release himself from the clasp of the church in order to spend more time with their daughter.