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You know the ones, the videos that teach us how to cook up some amazing meals. 

We stop and look at them when they're on our Facebook timeline and even try to remember some of the recipes… But we never end up actually making the delicious-looking dinners.

Well, a few foodie websites have caught on to the big trend and decided to take the mick out of how-to vids.

All we'll say is that they've gone the nine yards:


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Easy Recipe For Warm Egg Near Blue Square You Can Make In Just 4 Months!

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It's safe to say fans were not happy when Louis Walsh got the boot from this year's X Factor, but that didn't stop Louis from making a surprise appearance on the show last night. 

The former judge made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance to the talent show in a spoof of the famous John Lewis Christmas ad which aired just before the show began.

Louis was seen playing the man on the moon part from the store's festive campaign. 

Mirroring the ad, the Irish music manager was seen looking through a telescope from his secluded bench on the moon as the X Factor final took place back on earth.

The Mayo man then appeared to look sad that he was missing out on the event and let out a big sigh before giving a helpless wave at earth and his former spot on the judging panel.

It seems like someone really wants to go back on that judging panel. Poor Louis.



As America moves closer to 2016 and the election of a new president, everyone is wondering what will the Obamas do once they've left the White House. 

And while the first lady used to be a lawyer and worked at the University of Chicago, we think she might have another career in mind: rapping. 

Yep, rapping. Michelle recently joined SNL's comedian Jay Pharoah to perform a new rap track about going to college. 

Although it's more Kevin G than G Unit, the FLOTUS raps like a total badness: 



Some of us may save some leftover food for our beloved pets on Christmas, but one animal food company has taken it to the next level. 

Freshpet made this video as a spoof on your family's Christmas dinner which includes 13 dogs and one cat, and they just about nailed it. 

We see the drunk uncle who is well on his way to getting locked, the bulldog-granddad who sneaks sips from his hidden flask and of course, the unruly teen who won't stop texting during dinner. 

If only all Christmas dinners could be as funny as this one: 



It seems that every celeb in the world is either covering Adele's Hello, or spoofing it – but this spoof may just come out on top of all the rest.

Matthew hosted Saturday night's SNL and was joined by cast members Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer in lip-syncing Hello every time an argument broke out in the video.

The sketch soon develops into a full-on parody of Adele's music video, complete with a full-on wind machine:




Looks like Kim Kardashian’s half-brother Brandon Jenner has taken a leaf out of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s book.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram to share a video mocking his sibling’s recent sultry Insta-clip in which she flips her hair in slow motion in a swimming pool in Thailand.

“We all know who’s the hottest @Kimkardashian,” Brandon captioned the hilarious clip.

This YouTube video captures the spoof perfectly.