It's safe to say fans were not happy when Louis Walsh got the boot from this year's X Factor, but that didn't stop Louis from making a surprise appearance on the show last night. 

The former judge made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance to the talent show in a spoof of the famous John Lewis Christmas ad which aired just before the show began.

Louis was seen playing the man on the moon part from the store's festive campaign. 

Mirroring the ad, the Irish music manager was seen looking through a telescope from his secluded bench on the moon as the X Factor final took place back on earth.

The Mayo man then appeared to look sad that he was missing out on the event and let out a big sigh before giving a helpless wave at earth and his former spot on the judging panel.

It seems like someone really wants to go back on that judging panel. Poor Louis.