Snap happy! Snapchat is voted the most cheerful social network

In this day and age, we LOVE our social networks, but one of them trumps all others.

In a new study published in the journal Information, Communication & Society, has found that Snapchat makes people happier than any other social network.

Researchers from the University of Michigan enlisted 154 college students who used smartphones and texted them six times a day over a two-week period.

When the students received the text, they had to answer a survey about their latest social interactions – like who they were with, how supportive they were and how they felt at that moment. 

The researchers found that when participants had Snapchat interactions, they felt more positive emotions than when they had Facebook interactions.

They also found that the students paid more attention to Snapchat messages. 

The reason might be because people don't feel as insecure about how to present themselves on Snapchat, since the images disappear in a couple of seconds. 

But in general, the participants found that Snapchat is similar to face-to-face interactions with a friend, since the messages come day-to-day and not recorded for anyone else to see.