Snapchat’s new filters are already GONE… but they’ve been replaced


Last week's new and interactive Snapchat 'lenses' have already disappeared, but don't freak out because you can still have a LOT of fun with your photos and videos.

Gone are the love-heart eyes, the old man face and the zombie, but in their place are a whole new range of filters.

Snapchat are apparently aiming to delete one lens and replace it with a new one every day. We have to admit though, we really miss the rainbow vomit, modelled here by Kylie Jenner:

Luckily there are a few cool new ones in its place.

Like this comic-book style SLAP, for example:

And this 'I see dead people' style misty breath:

Then there's the (slightly cringey) 'Gossip' magazine cover, which reminds us of one of those Moonpig cards EVERYONE got for their 18th birthday:

And, for anyone looking for Halloween inspo, there's these devil eyes, with steam coming out of your nose if you open your mouth.