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It's mighty cold out there lads, so we have the utmost respect for people heading to the match today (well, a few pints might warm you all up!).

And as our fair green isle gets ready to battle the great Down Under, here we have the best tweets from everyone heading along this evening.

Whether you're watching it in the pub or are already taking your seat in the Aviva Stadium, we hope you have the absolute craic tonight:

Good luck, lads!



So, relationship experts have had their say, and according to them, there's FOUR different types of photos that you must have on your Tinder or dating profile in order to find a good match.

According to the Daily Mail, the four various snaps include: A glamorous one, so your match can imagine what you'd look like on a first date. Dreamy…

The second pic should be a casual photo, to show the lads that you're cool, casual and laid back (LOLZ, don't they realise we're all a tad psychotic?!).

The third is a "sun-kissed" photo, because the experts say that us gals apparently look the best in the sun. (Urm, they do realise it's Ireland we live in, right??)

And, the last but not least is a sporty photo to show that we're healthy and active and take care of ourselves. If you're not sporty (*cough*), good luck to ya.

They ask for a lot, don't they?! 

However, if you really want to find some love, we'd say be yourself, look and dress the way you want to and take the pictures you feel totally comfortable with.

You're great, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Go get 'em, girls.



This is pretty cool!