A Siri call backfires after this girl tried to contact her boyfriend


We’re all familiar with the hilarious but smart app, Siri, but sometimes Siri can be a little too right, or wrong, when it comes to our personal lives.

Reddit user, Tarty2000, posted a picture of his girlfriend’s screenshot after she asked her iPhone to ring her boyfriend.

But instead of automatically calling her boyfriend “John” it quizzed her on which boyfriend she would like to contact: her ex-boyfriend or her current partner.

Tarty2000 captioned the shot:

“My girlfriend decided to show me this ‘awesome thing Siri can do!’”

But in fairness his girlfriend did try to remove “Craig” as her boyfriend on the phone, but Siri wouldn’t let her.

“My girlfriend asked Siri to “remove Craig as my boyfriend. I’m sorry, I cannot do that.” So turns out Siri can make relationships but not break them. LOL.”

Perhaps it’s better to rely on the old fashioned way of contacting your boyfriend and not on Siri.