Change your entire life with these 10 easy life hacks

We're all very busy people and we just want you to know that these very simple and budget-friendly life hacks are here to help you make your life easier.

The internet is full of wonderful tips and tricks to help you live your very best life. Instead of you having go trolling through hundreds of Pinterest boards and endless Google searches, we did the hard work for you. See, you're already hacking your life just by reading this post! Score.

Shift+click to move multiple Google Chrome tabs to a new window
Use command+click on Mac for the same organisational prowess. 


Ziplock bags for softer ice cream
We've tested it and trust us it will work. Also, bonus hack: this is excellent for dairy free brands too. Yay!


Waste not, want not


Empty bottles for expert level pancakes


Save your cables


A white base coat makes colours pop


Expert smoky eyes made simple


Teach Siri new things (because we all have a friend called Áine)


Make your own crop top

Just use your old leggings


The cupcake hack


Ultimate lazy video watching

You can thank us later!