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The past few days have not been great for any of the Geordie Shore cast.

After it came to light this morning that Charlotte is leaving the show because of all her drama with Gary, now it has emerged that Scotty T was arrested on Sunday.

The Big Brother winner was arrested in Newcastle for being in possession of an air weapon and MTV has released this statement:

"This was meant to be a mindless piece of fun, but Scott realises how foolish it was and apologises for wasting police time."

The police searched his apartment and he was then released after 6 hours of questioning – which he tweeted about.

What ever will happen next?! 


Scotty T popped up on Aussie soap Neighbours last night and Twitter just couldn't handle it.

In his cameo role, he pops up for only a few minutes and makes a laugh out of one of Ramsay Street's residents.

AND you're going to see more of him on the soap too. The show's bosses liked him so much that they asked him back to do another appearance.

Here's Twitter funniest reactions to his cameo last night:



Scotty T is making waves on the beach, and it's not hard to see why.

The reality star was asked to make a cameo appearance on the Aussie soap Neighbours, so last December he flew out to film a short clip which is set to air in June.

However, the show's bosses enjoyed his presence so much that they have asked him back again.

According to BANG, Scott's publicist confirmed: "Scotty will make a cameo in Neighbours. He flew out in December to film it and it is due to air in June. They liked him so much that they have asked him to go back."

Back in December, Scotty said of his performance: "In the scene I've just shot, I come in the park and I'm training and I see him attempting to do sit-ups on the bench.

"But we have a bit of confusion over what each other are saying because I can't understand him and he can't understand me and then we have a bit of a tiff and that and I tell him to 'jog on' and he actually jogs on the spot."

You never know, Scott might just make it as a permanent cast member soon!



So Ellie Goulding went on a night out in Newcastle and it seems that all the Geordie Shore lads were just dying to spend the evening with her. 

But it was Scotty T who prevailed and turned to social media to boast about the encounter. 

The On My Mind singer was out after her gig in the The Toon and seemed to be paryting it up with the Celebrity Big Brother winner. 

The Geordie lothario posted a snap of himself, Ellie and his cousin to his Instagram (though it was deleted a while later) with the caption: "Me @elliegoulding and me cousin @jerxzj in Perdu Newcastle last night! Absolutely smashed!"

But it seems that Scotty was not the only Geordie lad who wanted in on some Ellie action. 

Gary Beadle also tweeted his fans encouraging the star to get in touch: "'Is @elliegoulding in Newcastle tonight ???? I want to go….everyone tweet her tell her to get in touch… Thank you."

And lucky for Gaz, the star replied enthusiastically prompting Gary to get her to message him for the deets. 

Who knows whether the pair actually did meet up but it seems more than likely. 

Just weeks after her split from Dougie Poynter, it seems that Ellie is hot property. 

Hon the gals. 



Well, it seems like Scotty T is sick of Steph and Jeremy's drama.

The Geordie Shore star has disowned the couple, saying that they've "gone off the rails" and Stephanie is a "liar."

While talking to BANG, Scott admitted that he'll stay friends with a few of the housemates – but Jephanie haven't made the cut.

"I don't want to be friends with them because I feel as if they have gone off the rails. I mean Jeremy, when he left Big Brother, apparently he said some things about me. He was like 'Scott's been getting with Megan [McKenna] but he's got a girlfriend.

"But, she's not my girlfriend, it's just a girl I've been meeting. Then apparently he had a presenting job [Xpose] and he missed it," he told the website.

"Steph just does my head in because she's a liar. When she came in she was like, 'I've got a boyfriend. I want to marry him. I love him, I love him.' 

"Then she pulled Jeremy she said: 'My boyfriend's done so many bad things to me' using that as an excuse because she got with Jeremy."

Even though Scotty and Jeremy were close in the BB house, Scott wants to keep his distance from the wild model.

"I just think Jeremy is not doing himself any favours, and I don't really want to associate myself with that because I can get out of that.

"Last year I was out loose going out every day but I'm in work mode so trying to keep myself to myself."

We think Scotty is making the right choice.



While he was busy trying it on with Megan McKenna in the Big Brother house, rumours were circulating outside that Scotty T actually had a secret girlfriend. 

And he never really cleared up those rumours. 

He has admitted that his lifestyle and job doesn't allow for relationships but the Geordie Shore looked pretty cozy with Fashion Marketing student Francesca Toole on her Instagram so what was really going on? 

"I met a girl, I get on well with her. She supported me all through Big Brother, she knows my mum, and we get on well," said the star to Digital Spy. 

"We're not in a relationship or anything like that. It wouldn't be fair for me to be in a relationship just because of the job i have.

"Not because I'm out on the pull all the time just because I'm never at home.

"As soon as you brand it as a relationship, people start looking for things. Like if I go on a public appearance and girls want a kiss and I'll kiss them on the lips and people will say, 'that's cheating.'


Patience is a virtue

A photo posted by Francesca Toole (@francescatoole) on

"Don't get me wrong, if I wasn't in this position I would be with her but we get on so well the way we are."

However, he did admit that the pair remained close.

"Don't get me wrong, I speak to her every day, but I can't commit, because if I have a girlfriend I'm going to want to see her every day, but I can't because I'm busy."



Scotty T has revealed devastating news and has admitted he's "all over the place" after hearing his auntie is dying from cancer.

The reality star spoke to the Daily Star and said: "We’ve had some really bad news in the family so it is hard to concentrate on anything else. My aunt has been given six weeks to live due to lung cancer. 

“It’s my dad’s sister. I’ve just got my dad a flight back from Tenerife where he lives and then a one-way ticket to Australia so he can go see her. I’m flying out to Australia later this month for ten days. I’m just changing all my plans around so I can go.”

He then added: “The whole family is devastated and everyone is flying out to say goodbye.

"My cousin is only 15 and his mum has just weeks to live.”

This is such a tough time for him and his family and we're hoping they all make it through OK.


We got the impression that Scotty T was not the biggest fan of Jephanie while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but he really exposed the couple in a recent interview. 

The Georgie Shore lothario revealed that he knew that Jeremy McConnell cheated on Stephanie Davis as soon as he left the CBB house. 

"To be honest, I think it’s quite funny," said Scotty to the Sun. 

"I see them doing this whole love thing, but then I hear he’s off sh*gging girls. I mean he sh*gged one of my mates, she’s called Caroline Pope.”

"He shagged her as soon as he got out of Big Brother. He met her in Newcastle. I think it’s pretty hilarious how they’re going on about this relationship and then all they’re doing is arguing. I just laugh."

The Irish model has already denied rumours that he had cheated on Stephanie with the 19-year-old model the night before the final, a stance that he has reiterated in a tweet today. 

The winner of this year's CBB also has little hope for the relationship lasting very long but wishes them well. 

"Good luck to them like, but I did say from the start I wouldn’t really like to get in a relationship with a girl who cheated on her boyfriend to get with him anyway.

“If she’s done it once she can do it again.

“It’s not what I call a healthy romance. But if they’re happy, they’re happy.”

Steph and Jez put up a total display of love in an appearance on Loose Women last week. 


The Geordie Shore cast are at it again as Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and the rest of the party-crazed gang head out wearing some seriously racy attire. 

All cast-members, including CBB winner Scotty T, all stepped out wearing bondage-themed outfits as they filmed for the twelfth season of the super-popular MTV reality show. 

The girls donned mesh, lace and leather body suits while the men wore straps, collars and a LOT of leather. 

Charlotte, who has just revealed her brand new nose, left very little to the imagination in a lacy body, thigh-high stockings and over-the-knee, peep-toe boots. 

Scotty T returned to proceedings directly after his win on Celebrity Big Brother wearing a rather questionable leather skirt/ trouser combo and very little else. 

The brand new series of the show is due to be aired next month and we can't wait to see what went down on this night. 


Megan and Scotty T's Celebrity Big Brother love story has had a fair few bumps in the road since Ms. McKenna was evicted almost two weeks ago – but things came to a head last night.

As part of a task, former housemates Megan and Louisa returned, and called a 'press conference' to ask some very awkward questions.

First up, Louisa and Megan grilled Scotty on his uber-flirtatious relationship with fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard, which has only escalated since Megan's eviction.

After being asked by Megan if he was "attracted to Tiff," Scotty did his best to defend himself, telling Megan he was doing his best to stand by her.

"We've had a bit of flirty banter. I've stood by you… I never expected to have that connection with you," he said.

While Megan seemed satisifed with Scotty's answer, she failed to bring up the minor issue of the secret girlfriend he supposedly has outside the house.

Jeremy McConnell dropped the bombshell that Scotty was indeed "seeing a girl" – model Francesca Toole – when speaking to BBBOTS host Rylan Clark last week.

But during an interview with the Daily Star, Megan seemed reluctant to believe the rumours were true.

"If he has got a girlfriend then I'm a bit confused because he told me he was seeing someone on and off."

The drama continues!



Another day, another Celebrity Big Brother secret relationship. 

Yesterday, we revealed the identity of Scotty T's alleged girlfriend and now it seems we've discovered Tiffany's secret boyfriend. 

Yep, unlike Stephanie Davis who made sure that EVERYONE knew about her relationship with Sam Reece, it seems Tiff and Scotty T thought their chances in the CBB house would be drastically improved if they were purported to be single. 

Speculation began last week after Tiffany admitted in a game of Truth or Dare that she had: "been with the same d*ck for four years."

Despite going after Scotty T with her full force, Tiff is actually dating Los Angelos-based rapper Aktion LA Jackson. 

And one look at Aktion's Twitter page and it seems that the rapper is following Tiffany's journey in the house closely. 

But it seems that Tiff's American bae is fully aware that the show is a game and cannot wait to greet his girlfriend when she gets out. 

Tiffany got angry with her nomination last week and said: "When I leave this Friday, at least I can get a stiff drink, stiff d**k and some steak."

And it seems that Aktion is more than happy to oblige. 

Now this seems like one of the more saner of the CBB relationships, if that's even possible. 


When Jeremy McConnell made his shocking revelation about Scotty T's 'secret girlfriend' following his eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house last week, we were all up in arms about WHO would put up with the Geordie lothario and his antics. 

Jeremy revealed on Big Brother's Bit on the Side on Friday that Scotty T had not been up-front about his relationship status in the house. 

"There’s this girl he’s seeing that he likes, but his job is to have sex and to be on TV," said the model to host Rylan Clark. 

"You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re doing a job like that."

And now it seems that the identity of Scotty's secret lady love has been revealed. 

As reported by the Sun, the Geordie Shore star is dating 21-year-old Francesca Toole who also hails from Newcastle. 

The young aspiring model was once a contestant for the Miss Newcastle title and according to reports, the pair have been spending the last several months together including the Christmas period. 

And the reports are at least partially confirmed by the pretty brunette's Instagram which features herself and Scotty T looking very close. 

Francesca even shared a pic of the pair kissing just a week before Scotty entered the CBB house with the caption: "Can't believe Christmas is all over for another year looking forward to 2016."

So either Scotty is just playing up to the cameras or Stephanie has not been the only contestant to cheat in the house this year…