Love Neighbours? Scotty T is making his way BACK down under


Scotty T is making waves on the beach, and it's not hard to see why.

The reality star was asked to make a cameo appearance on the Aussie soap Neighbours, so last December he flew out to film a short clip which is set to air in June.

However, the show's bosses enjoyed his presence so much that they have asked him back again.

According to BANG, Scott's publicist confirmed: "Scotty will make a cameo in Neighbours. He flew out in December to film it and it is due to air in June. They liked him so much that they have asked him to go back."

Back in December, Scotty said of his performance: "In the scene I've just shot, I come in the park and I'm training and I see him attempting to do sit-ups on the bench.

"But we have a bit of confusion over what each other are saying because I can't understand him and he can't understand me and then we have a bit of a tiff and that and I tell him to 'jog on' and he actually jogs on the spot."

You never know, Scott might just make it as a permanent cast member soon!