ANOTHER secret relationship? Tiff Pollard’s real-life partner revealed


Another day, another Celebrity Big Brother secret relationship. 

Yesterday, we revealed the identity of Scotty T's alleged girlfriend and now it seems we've discovered Tiffany's secret boyfriend. 

Yep, unlike Stephanie Davis who made sure that EVERYONE knew about her relationship with Sam Reece, it seems Tiff and Scotty T thought their chances in the CBB house would be drastically improved if they were purported to be single. 

Speculation began last week after Tiffany admitted in a game of Truth or Dare that she had: "been with the same d*ck for four years."

Despite going after Scotty T with her full force, Tiff is actually dating Los Angelos-based rapper Aktion LA Jackson. 

And one look at Aktion's Twitter page and it seems that the rapper is following Tiffany's journey in the house closely. 

But it seems that Tiff's American bae is fully aware that the show is a game and cannot wait to greet his girlfriend when she gets out. 

Tiffany got angry with her nomination last week and said: "When I leave this Friday, at least I can get a stiff drink, stiff d**k and some steak."

And it seems that Aktion is more than happy to oblige. 

Now this seems like one of the more saner of the CBB relationships, if that's even possible.